Travel and Tourism Marketing for Destinations

Entice and Engage Your Ideal Travelers with Content-Focused Digital Marketing

You have an amazing story to share.

What if you could share your favorite night market downtown event to boost attendance? Or showcase packages between your resort and a supper club hot spot?

You need the right team to share your local expertise and convert your story into new travelers and sharable experiences.

Signalfire is a content-focused digital marketing team for small and medium-sized communities and tourism-focused businesses such as lodging, restaurants, and outdoor activities.

Signalfire helped transform our social media presence. Their strategy expertise guiding our approach to social media and helped us engage with our desired target audience. They developed engaging content through their creative writing, graphic design, and use of pictures and video. If you want to boost your social media presence, Signalfire will help you get there!

Eric Swan, Marketing Committee Chair
Boscobel Chamber of Commerce / Lower Wisconsin Riverway Communities

What To Expect Working With Signalfire

  • You’ve got a story. We want to share it. We want to dive deep into your community or business, understand who you want to attract, and what sets you apart.
  • You’ll love our creativity and fresh approach to promoting your community or business.
  • We hunt for the local secret spots and crave the inside story!
  • You’ll work closely with our team and you’ll be a critical part of the process. If you want a “hands free” marketing partner, we’re not it.
  • You will come to love data as much as we do. See how it shapes strategy and improves performance. Signalfire has some great data dashboard tools.
  • Marketing is playing the long game. Results don’t happen overnight. Plan on months, not weeks.

What Should You Expect to Budget?

  • Most content programs will be between $20k and $30k per year.
  • Recommended digital ad costs will widely vary based on your ideal traveler’s location (Chicago is more expensive to reach than Charlevoix, Michigan) and platform (social ads, search, etc.), but start at $18k per year.
  • If you need to build a website, you should plan on spending about $20k between design, development, and content. Plan on another $2.5k per year in hosting, maintenance, and updates.
  • If a new logo and branding are desired, plan on a budget approximately $7k.

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