Stop Losing Time Creating Reports

No More Report Anxiety

Are you rushing around the night before a board meeting trying to get website reports assembled from countless sources? Make your data easier to understand and easier to access.

Imagine The Time You’d Save

  • No more gathering reports from 10 different browser tabs
  • No more screenshots cluttering your desktop
  • No more cutting and pasting data cells
  • No more trying to align reporting dates
  • Your data is displayed in an easy-to-understand report that can be shared, printed, or emailed
Signalfire Data Dashboard

How Does the Dashboard Work?

  • Each flow of data is presented in a variety of visual formats that make understanding data easier
  • Assemble data from your website, Google searches, and even your Pay-Per-Click search ads
  • Expand the dashboard by connecting independent social channels such as Facebook or LinkedIn—even connect your email newsletter platform!

How Does My Data Look?

  • Signalfire identifies your key performance indicators (KPIs) and how to best visualize it
  • We begin connecting or mapping the data and the resulting dashboard gives you a critical performance display
  • Reporting is not set in stone! Over time and as strategy evolves, Signalfire provides updates to display the most critical data

Being able to have this data at my finger tips whenever I need it has built my confidence in our tactics and has given us the opportunity to be more nimble with our spending based on performance.

Katie, The Broaster Company

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