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Sorry, we are not currently hiring at this time.

About Signalfire

Signalfire is an office full of passionate, creative, dedicated individuals who work really well as a team. Most of us are in Delavan. Some of us are elsewhere working remotely. We communicate tirelessly, blow through a ton of dry erase markers on a marker board that runs the length of the office, fiercely advocate for our clients, and will fight over Peanut M&M’s.

If you think you’re ready to be on-the-spot creative, learn about some diverse yet cool clients, and really push the limits of what small businesses and non-profit organizations can do (marketing-wise), then, well, maybe we need to talk.

Qualities we look for in a team member:


Not just able to draw cool things, either. Creativity also includes problem solving, looking at situations in a new light, and the ability to come up with new or abstract ways of getting things done.


If you’ve got it, we want it. The fire-in-the-belly kind of passion. We want to work with people who love this stuff as much as we do. If we can’t show it to our clients, how can our clients trust us to show it to their customers?

Great Communication

We need to communicate crazy ideas to clients and each other. Concepts, timelines, and nit-picky details have to come through via email, phone calls, Skype chats, Google Hangouts, public presentations, and good ‘ol fashioned face to face meetings.

Hunger for Knowledge

We work with clients in a vast spectrum of industries. The only way we can find success is by learning about their business, their industry, and their customers. Some industries are crazy cool and others are just crazy.

Work Ethic

Our clients expect a lot and we have a track record of delivering even more. No, we don’t do the “don’t leave your desk until 7:00 pm every night” thing, but we want teammates who don’t blink when the inspiration phase is done and the perspiration phase needs to happen.

If this sounds like your kind of workplace, drop our boss a line.


We are looking for college interns to gain valuable experience and help support Signalfire’s clients. At this time, we are specifically seeking interns in:

  • Project/Account Coordination
  • Copywriting and content development

If you are interested in becoming an intern at Signalfire, please email us.