marketing for precision machining and swiss style machining

B2B Manufacturing and Industrial Marketing

Increase Qualified Lead Generation and Improve Awareness with Your Ideal Clients

You may not believe it, but you have an amazing story to tell.

What if you could share your insights about extruded plastics to boost demand generation? Or demonstrate your expertise on Swiss-style machining to connect with medical device engineers?

You need the right team to share your experiences and convert your story into successful new business.

Signalfire is a content-focused digital marketing team for small and medium-sized manufacturers.

What To Expect Working With Signalfire

  • You’ve got a story. We want to share it. We want to dive deep into your business to understand your customers, your sales process, and what sets you apart.
  • You’ll work closely with our team and you’ll be a critical part of the process. If you want a “hands free” marketing partner, we’re not it.
  • You will come to love data as much as we do, see how it shapes strategy, and improves performance. Signalfire has some great data dashboard tools.
  • Marketing is playing the long game. Results don’t happen overnight. Plan on months, not weeks.

What Should You Expect to Budget?

  • Most content programs will be between $20k and $30k per year.
  • Recommended digital ad costs will widely vary based on your specific industry and platform (social ads, search, etc.), but start at $18k per year.
  • If you need to build a website, you should plan on spending about $10k between design, development, and content.
  • Plan on another $2.5k per year in hosting, maintenance, and updates.
  • If a new logo and branding are desired, plan on a budget approximately $7k.

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