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Global Food Equipment Manufacturer That Invented a Classic Food

Broaster Company is a family of businesses that help restaurant, grocery store and convenience store owners run trademark food programs without franchise fees. Broaster offers everything from their own line of pressure fryers, prep stations, merchandisers and food products.

The company’s brands – Genuine Broaster Chicken, Broaster Express, Rock County Smokehouse, Instant Burger, and Smokearoma – are all integral parts of their brand strategy that Signalfire works with to promote their overall marketing initiatives.

Our decision to work with Signalfire doubled our inbound website lead form performance and we couldn’t be happier.

Katie, Marketing Manager at The Broaster Company

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  • Design, development, and launch of five (5) branded websites
  • Awarded the 2019 W3 Award for Website Development for Genuine Broaster Chicken
  • 21% increase in lead generation (year over year) and 5% over previous peak performance
  • Digital marketing effort focusing on returning site visitors
  • Near real-time data dashboard monitoring marketing performance


  • Website design and development
  • Website hosting, maintenance, and updates
  • Content strategy, research, and creation
  • Retargeting and other display advertising
  • Website traffic, digital campaign performance, and lead tracking dashboards for each brand

The Broaster Company’s Background

Broaster Chicken – you know, the crispy fried chicken you get at your favorite supper club and the crave-able, to-go snacks in your local convenience store hot case – started working with Signalfire in 2019 to help continue to grow its trademark food program into a nationally recognized and consumed brand.

Broaster Company is a family of businesses that help restaurant, grocery store and convenience store owners run a trademark food program in their business without any franchise fees. Broaster offers everything from their own line of pressure fryers, prep stations, merchandisers and all of the food products too.

The company’s brands – Genuine Broaster Chicken, Broaster Express and Rock County Smokehouse – are all integral parts of their brand strategy that Signalfire works with to promote their overall marketing initiatives.


Since launching our new websites that Signalfire created for us, we have seen a significant increase in the number of inbound leads…

Katie, Marketing Manager at The Broaster Company

When Broaster Company came to Signalfire their main goal was to design and launch updated websites, and to develop a content and digital marketing program to expand their operator reach.

“Even though a majority of Broaster’s operators are in the upper Midwest they are a national brand, so the whole plan and basis for what we’re doing is to expand their operator reach,” Signalfire Project Manager Bryan Giese said.

To get started with website design and strategy planning, Signalfire worked with Broaster to define and develop different voices for all of their different brands.

“We’ve built different voices based off the brand that Broaster is trying to sell,” Giese said. “Broaster Express has a chill and conversational brand voice focused on consumers, while Genuine Broaster has a more knowledgeable and culinary voice geared toward supper club and grocery store owners. Broaster Company’s brand voice is not consumer-facing so it’s more technical communication direct to the distributors.”

Once we developed those different brand voices, the Signalfire team worked with Broaster to design, develop and launch five websites dedicated to each brand and each target audience.

“Since launching our new websites that Signalfire created for us, we have seen a significant increase in the number of inbound leads,” said Katie Klaus, Broaster Company Marketing Communications and Event Specialist. “Our Distributors comment now on how clear and concise the messaging is and how they are able to use the new sites more effectively during their sales process.”

Our goal with the Rock County Smokehouse, Broaster Express, Genuine Broaster Chicken, Broaster Company and Broaster Support websites was to “figure out how to update their branding, content and brand voice while maintaining their connection to their current operators and consumers.

Broaster Express mobile responsive website
Genuine Broaster Chicken responsive mobile website
Broaster Express on a tablet showing off responsive

Developing a Content Program

Signalfire worked to understand our business and together we collaborated on blog topics and set a calendar. The content program has helped to expand our reach on social media as well as help our SEO and Google rankings…

Katie, Marketing Manager at The Broaster Company

Once the websites were launched, another key component to solidifying Broaster’s brand voice, demonstrate their expertise in the trademark food program industry and to connect with current and future customers was to establish a content program.

Have you ever thought about why your business doesn’t appear higher than your competitors when you search for your services or offerings on Google? Chances are your website is not providing the right answers to questions that people are asking.

Content marketing is a strategy that involves creating blog articles or news stories about all the things that makes your brand great. By taking this information and putting it on your company’s website, you are providing Google (or other search engine sites) with materials to help answer people’s questions.

“We knew we needed to get more aligned with content marketing, but having a small internal marketing team we also knew we needed help from someone who has experience,” Klaus said.

The Signalfire team worked with Broaster to develop a content calendar filled with blog content focused on giving distributors tools to build a bigger operator base.

“When we were developing the content program for Broaster we curated topics that would help demonstrate the benefits that Broaster brings to operators and raise awareness among consumers to compel consumers to look for operators who serve Broaster products,” Giese said.

Properly researched and written blogs will help build Broaster’s SEO so they show up better in searches of operators looking for trademark food options. By utilizing keyword research, Signalfire is able to make sure relevant keywords people are searching for on Google are appearing in the Broaster articles.

“Changing how something is talked about by Broaster employees or jargon they use to what operators and consumers are actually looking for is key to successful SEO,” Giese said.

“Signalfire worked to understand our business and together we collaborated on blog topics and set a calendar. The content program has helped to expand our reach on social media as well as help our SEO and Google rankings,” Klaus said.

To maintain a strong SEO presence, Signalfire writes a minimum of two blogs per month and rewrites an older blog that they had previously posted.

“The goal with rewriting some of their stronger content was to update it for SEO purposes and to bring it under the same brand voice as the rest of their content,” Geise said.

With more than 75% of Americans being active on social media, having informative and updated information for Broaster to share on their social media pages was also an important part of our content marketing program.

“Through our ongoing content program, we provide Broaster the fresh messaging that they need in order to maintain a high-quality presence on social channels,” Giese said.

Digital Marketing


In an early kickoff meeting with Broaster, they asked us, “How is it that when I go to a website, for about 3 weeks after, I am getting ads for that site on the apps on my phone?”

That is digital retargeting. Retargeting is a way for businesses to become sticky or follow potential customers. For Broaster, this has become an effective way for us to help them grow their operator base throughout North America.

“Broaster came to us looking for a way to make their advertising stick to website visitors as they continue to use the internet,” Signalfire President Matthew Olson said. “We keep Broaster’s message front and center to prospective operators and existing customers.”

Signalfire put together a retargeting program with an emphasis on the key features and benefits Broaster equipment has for potential operators.

What Is Retargeting?

“So, if the owner of a fictious convenience store named Bob’s Chicken visits Broaster’s website and then leaves the site…he or she will start receiving display ads (on their phone or other devices) after he has left the site,” Olson said. “If the owner goes to check the weather on, Broaster ads will be displayed. If they check the football scores on ESPN, they will be shown Broaster ads.”

The main goal of retargeting is to keep Broaster at the top of the prospects mind long after they have visited the company’s website.

To make sure the retargeting effort is as effective as possible, Signalfire worked with Broaster to establish their key geographic regions they wanted to focus on.

“Because of Broaster’s distributor network, which is primarily in the upper Midwest, we decided to focus on the Midwest and add the Northeast because that’s an untapped market for them,” Giese said.


Once a potential operator visits a Broaster website, and they click on a digital ad, where do they go?

Signalfire has created dedicated landing pages, or a page on the website that is built to provide visitors with specific information and calls to action related to the audience that we are aiming to reach. These pages have information about how to become an operator, the benefits of partnering with Broaster, and the equipment and features that are unique to being a Broaster Operator.

“The landing pages are content-specific depending on the target audience of the ad,” Olson said. “Each landing page has specific targeted content and a specific call to action based on the different vertical markets that Broaster identified as their targets.”


All of this retargeting and content marketing wouldn’t matter much if we weren’t able to track its progress and successes.

All of the landing pages and blog content are monitored and tracked using custom tracking codes. This allows Signalfire to provide accurate data reporting, specific to whichever digital marketing campaign the user clicked on.

“Our data reporting tracks those people through their online journey, from visiting the Broaster website, to viewing Broaster’s ad, to filling out a call to action form,” Olson said.

Reporting accurate information allows us to report specifically on the key performance indicators (KPI’s) that Broaster is looking for. They are interested in lead generation, specifically from the retargeting efforts, and these custom tracking codes provide us with clearer data than what simple Google Analytics can.

With the content and digital marketing programs, Signalfire has helped increase Broaster’s lead generation 21 percent year over year, and has produced lead generation results that are nearly 5 percent higher than their previous peak level.

Broaster google analytics snapshot


So, with our focused retargeting efforts, dedicated landing pages and custom tracking codes, there’s a lot of data for Broaster to look at and decide the effectiveness of our content and digital marketing program.

In 2020, Signalfire began offering a near real-time data tracking platform to clients. The dashboard allows Signalfire to aggregate and display data from multiple sources – including website traffic, digital ad performance, social media channels and email marketing results.

The data dashboard is customized to which KPIs our client has deemed to be important, so we’re giving them the most valuable and visual way of monitoring and tracking performance whenever they want it.

“The dashboard is an easy to understand visualization of critical KPIs and marketing performance,” Olson said.

Part of the data dashboard program involves customizing Google analytics to track Call To Action from completions or other metrics the client wants to track, which can include visiting a specific page, time spent on site, video views or other user experience related triggers.

“Utilizing Google’s tracking code system, we are able to assign and monitor the performance of the custom tracking codes across all types of platforms,” Olson said. “Being able to track all of these codes is an essential component of our omnichannel marketing efforts.”

The data dashboard Signalfire created for Broaster has show that the content and digital marketing program our team has been executing has outperformed multiple traditional paid media campaigns several fold.

I used to have to comb through my Google Analytics accounts and export out all kinds of reports to get the data I needed. The dashboards have saved me hours per week and have helped me allocate my digital media budgets more effectively. Being able to have this data at my finger tips whenever I need it has built my confidence in our tactics and has given us the opportunity to be more nimble with our spending based on performance. I used to have to wait for quarterly metrics from my old web provider, now I can get whatever I need whenever I need it.

Katie, Marketing Manager at The Broaster Company

Signalfire’s ability to track the performance of multiple simultaneous marketing campaigns gives Broaster a critical edge in making campaign adjustments. Near real-time data visualization provides Broaster with the flexibility to get the best return on their marketing dollars.

Heading into 2022 with Broaster

As we look forward to 2022 with Broaster, we will be expanding their retargeting efforts to include a full North American effort to continue to expand their operator base and connection to consumers nationally.

Signalfire will also be continuing to build the SEO of all of the Broaster family of websites with innovative and approachable blog content that will also be shared via their social media pages.

With Signalfire’s knowledge of developing and executing brand voice, leading a successful content marketing program, running a nationwide retargeting program focused on several different verticals, and delivering clear, concise and accurate results on a custom platform – working with us in 2022 should be on you To Do list.