Matthew Olson


Aside from being a ringer at trivia night, what is a history geek doing running a marketing team? History helps me identify trends, develop strategies, and help make data-driven decisions. I love diving into our client’s brand and coming up with the big idea.

As a father of teenage boys and the director of a creative team, I know “what one doesn’t think of, the other will.” I always want to foster a creative environment where ideas come to life and great tactics get implemented. Of course, it can also be like herding cats.

I’m the one who will look for an incredible story in your brand and a remarkable way to share it. Whether you’re building a better widget or inviting guests to your hometown, I love to find ways to better connect you with your buying community.

As a small agency—I’m the bookkeeper, proposal writer, customer service representative, janitorial coordinator, and the HR department, too.