Unlock the Secret to Responding to Online Reviews!

Restaurants, hotels, and even manufacturers attempting to manage online reviews have a horrific enemy.

Copy and paste.

Don’t get caught taking shortcuts. Making the time to write the right response can result in better outcomes and even repeat customers.

Before we start talking about crafting good responses, let’s agree on a few things:

  • Online reviews play a dramatic role in today’s buying decisions—everything from sourcing a contract manufacturer, to booking a hotel, and everything in between.
  • Ignoring online reviews only makes your business look like you don’t care what your customers think.
  • A mix of positive and negative reviews are a good thing.
  • You cannot make a negative review “go away.”
  • A good response to a review can turn a negative situation into a customer service positive.

As a business owner, I get it. The flood of online reviews pour in at the exact same time when you’re the busiest. There are a world of things that require your attention. Sitting down to read online reviews and give a thoughtful reply isn’t at the top of your list.

How would you treat this situation?

You’re busy stocking shelves and a customer comes up to you with a question.

“I was in last weekend,” the customer asks. You look at them and walk away.

Not very customer service oriented, right? That’s what’s happening when you don’t reply to an online review. That scene is then shown to every customer who walks in afterward. It becomes detrimental to your business.

Responding is critical. Good or bad.

Most business owners and managers start with a simple question: How long is a good review response?

Of course, it depends. A quick guideline is: as long as the review.

If Bob posts a high rating with a quick, “It was awesome!” Then an equally quick, “Thanks, Bob! Glad your experience was awesome. We hope to see you again soon,” response works.

However, if Betsy posts a five or six paragraph review, positive or negative, your response should be equally thoughtful.

Let’s dive into crafting those replies.

How to Respond to a Negative Review

It’s important to always remember the basics. Just as I described above, treat an online review the same way you would a walk-in customer service situation.

Frequently, we reference the “three A’s” of customer service:

  • Acknowledge the situation
  • Apologize for the less than desired experience
  • Act or demonstrate change

This same concept should be evident in your online review response. Your reply should:

  • Take the high road — ALWAYS
  • Express empathy
  • How will you take action?
  • Present a resolution opportunity
Respond to a Negative Review.

An important tip: Leave emotions out of it. Make sure your response has only documented facts—dates, times, location, etc. should be the extent.

Take all further discussions OFFLINE. Give your business contact information (even your first name) and show you are available to help resolve the experience.


Situations like this may often involve compensating the reviewer for a poor experience. Just as you have some who will complain expressly for a discount, the same is true for those posting negative online reviews.

Deciding whether to compensate someone for a poor experience is a judgement call. However, I cannot state strongly enough to make sure it is done privately and not associated with the review.

In addition to there being strict guidelines against rewarding reviewers for positive reviews, attempting to compensate a reviewer for a poor experience ultimately devalues your product or service.

How to Respond to a Positive Review

Most business owners and managers scramble to respond to negative reviews, but pay far less attention to positive ones. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn a happy customer into a raving brand ambassador.

Writing a positive review is an opportunity to expand the conversation and showcase what made their experience noteworthy. Be sure to strike while the iron is hot and respond to the review quickly. Take the chance to engage them, invite them back, and share some “insider” tips to make their next experience even better yet.

Those “insider” tips also get seen by people deciding to visit you. Knowing your contract manufacturing company provides engineering services or your restaurant has all-you-can-eat fish fry on Fridays can be the tipping point for someone reading reviews.

A couple quick tips for responding to positive reviews:

  • Respond within a week
  • Mention your business at some point in the reply
  • Include helpful keywords or phrases for your business (Google is looking!)
  • Keep it readable and natural!
  • Share a recommendation for next time
  • Invite them back
Respond to a Postive Review

Tips Managing Your Online Reputation

Responding to online reviews is critical. Reviews are the new word of mouth and the best way to showcase your customer service responsiveness. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, be sure to jump into the conversation.

Some tips to help you manage your reputation:


  • Staff training to encourage reviews at time of service
  • Middle management training to prevent escalation
  • Share positive and negative reviews with staff

TIP: Make sure your business has a documented social media policy that is given to ALL team members.


  • A simple document outlining the do’s and don’t’s
  • Aids in training multiple people
  • Documents actions, language, and policies


  • Hold training and refresher sessions on the importance on online reputation management and reviews
  • Share noteworthy reviews – good and bad – and use them for training
  • Include managers, supervisors, and others called into customer service experiences

TIP: Even long-term team members should participate and eventually lead training or sharing sessions.


  • Your website should feature links to review sites
  • Contact reviewers to share reviews on your website
  • Share positive reviews on social media channels

TIP: Did someone leave a great review about your Almond-Encrusted Halibut? Share the review on social media WITH A PICTURE!

Signalfire Will Help Make a Difference

Don’t just respond—respond right. The right review responses will:

  • Demonstrate what customers can expect from you
  • Make a difference for your Google rankings
  • Showcase your services and capabilities
  • Show your passion and authenticity

Don’t let your reputation slide. Signalfire can help with monitoring your online reputation, writing review replies, and even help getting more reviews. Get started by setting up a reputation consultation with Signalfire.

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