Use the Five (5) C’s of Marketing Trust Building A recent Reddit thread in r/manufacturing talked about challenges (and annoyances) when manufacturers work with customers. There were a spectrum of situations that ring true for any business. Customers: What causes this? It comes down to trust. Does the customer trust you? Does the customer trust …

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What’s one thing most people say are wildly obsolete? Business cards.

I passionately disagree.

But I’d argue that the importance of the printed business card has never been greater.

stop being an expert. be a library

Being an expert is not enough. You must be more.

You must be a public library of knowledge. Allow prospects to research, explore, and reference your expertise.

Understanding the Behaviors of These Very Different Travelers Outside and outdoors. Many destinations are struggling with the misconception that all outdoor recreation travelers are the same. Content and videos focused on hiking trails, kayak launches, and the best birding locations might sound like perfectly relevant content. But there’s been a change. Coming out of the …

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Social media is a necessary evil in all types of marketing these days, but sometimes it feels like yelling into a void hoping someone, anyone will hear it. But what if I could tell you there’s a way to get a captive audience on Facebook that opts in to get content from you? You’d ask …

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