Kory Kohlhof

Graphic Designer

Watching Star Wars is where I can point out when I knew I wanted to go into the creative field. It started with video editing, then grew into some motion graphics tutorials. School then added the design principles and threw in some studio art flair. Passed an English class here and there (once by a flip of a coin … literally). Debated why Kazimir Malevich can cover a canvas in shades of white and call it art (White on White). Watched the clouds for homework one time. Took a wildlife and fisheries class (there was so much camo in the class that I felt like I was in a forest). In the end, I came out to be a jack of all trades designer.

Need a logo? Done. Informative Brochure? Sure, can do. Product Photos? Yep! Hype Video? Pffh. Easy. Website to host it all? … I know a guy.

If I’m not slouched behind my computer with the rest of the team throwing their pens to get my attention, because my headphones are too loud. You can either find me frolicking through the Kettle Moraine or sitting at a table playing a good board game.

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