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Walworth County, Wisconsin is home to some of the best tourism destinations in the state. Primarily known for Lake Geneva’s rich history and travel amenities, Walworth County (WalCo) also features a vast array of travel gems. During COVID, WalCo needed to reorganize and reinvent itself. With the ideas and habits of travelers changing overnight, WalCo wanted a fresh look that reflected the energy and opportunities for visitors to explore.

  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Photography/Video
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Data Dashboard

Old Logo

New Logo


Signalfire dove into collaborating with WalCo in creating a fresh, energetic brand. The logo used vibrant colors, playful fonts, and embraced the fun that can be found throughout the county. Because the organization moved away from membership into a collaboration with local chambers of commerce, event and activity links drive traffic to individual communities.

Signalfire’s support expanded from branding and web development into comprehensive marketing support. Advertising included paid content placement in digital magazines, OTT streaming ad purchases in targeted ZIP codes, and social media ad programs. Video ads were produced and content was created for every channel.

Services also included the day-to-day social media management, photography/videography, and email marketing efforts to coordinate event promotion with community partners. Signalfire provided ongoing reports to WalCo on marketing performance and other key metrics.

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Working in the travel and tourism industry things are constantly changing, and visitors/customers/guests want everything at their fingertips. With Signalfire’s help we were able to complete a rebrand with a lot of improvements. Our followers and impressions have improved through our social media campaigns, pages, website, and newsletters.

Tessa Springer, WalCo Board Member

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