Turtle Creek Nursery

aerial photo of maple trees at turtle creek in the fall.

Creative Design Plants Seeds of Growth for Wholesale Nursery

I liked having choices and understanding the decisions that went into creating each item. From the logo to website to print materials – Signalfire not only developed marketing tools, they helped us tell the story of our business to our customers. –– Rachelle Lurvey Eifert, Director of Operations at Turtle Creek Nursery

Turtle Creek Nursery is a trusted Midwest producer of high-quality, wholesale plant material with a mission to provide and promote natural beauty to landscapes across the U.S.

Based in Delavan, Wisconsin on a 200-acre family-owned/operated farm, Turtle Creek has built a strong reputation for providing beautifully grown ornamental, shade, and evergreen trees and shrubs.

Their visual style, logo design, and absent website, however, failed to reflect what had grown to become an impeccable brand.

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Turtle Creek’s executive staff reached out to Signalfire in 2018 to request help with creative design for a compelling logo and cohesive visual system for their brand.

Their former logo was uninspiring, lacked color, and too closely resembled the rest of the industry. In other words, it didn’t communicate their value.

Since Turtle Creek Nursery had no website, they were also without a Google My Business account, which severely limited their reach of potential customers.

To fix this, the local nursery requested Signalfire’s proven web design and development services to produce a mobile-optimized site and provide additional web support as needed.

Our task began with gaining an in-depth understanding of Turtle Creek’s operations and industry to come up with a creative, functional design that would successfully set them apart.

After hosting a creative kickoff meeting and taking diligent notes on their brand identity, Signalfire’s creative team did extensive research on tree nurseries across the United States to ensure our designs would be truly unique.

We based the overall look and feel of the new logo to match Turtle Creek Nursery’s brand with an emphasis on…

  • Quality
  • Natural Beauty
  • Long-Term Relationship Building

After several rounds of presenting concepts, collecting feedback, and making revisions, our talented graphic designers produced a stunning, new logo.

Final Turtle Creek logo
Turtle Creek responsive website in desktop form.
Turtle Creek responsive website in mobile form.

Upon struggling to find the perfect watercolor texture for the design, Signalfire simply painted our own, let it dry, and digitally scanned what would become a defining feature of the finished logo.

“As we were brainstorming and coming up with ideas for logo concepts, our team really liked the watercolor design style we found because it helped visually represent the water of the creek while also walking the line of communicating the company’s roots traditional values.

It was challenging but also fun to re-create that traditional painterly style in a modern digital medium. Plus – it gave me the opportunity to get away from the computer screen and do some painting by hand as well.

Sometimes thinking outside the box on a design project means thinking outside your computer.” Jodi Heisz, Signalfire Graphic Designer

Turtle Creek Nursery color scheme


With the logo and overall brand style finalized, it was time to take the next step. This involved collaborating with Turtle Creek Nursery to determine their website goals and develop a site map for requisite content.

Upon having comprehensive website discussions, Signalfire performed…

  • Setup of WordPress content management system
  • Wire frame and page layout designs
  • Keyword research to guide SEO
  • Content copywriting based on keyword research and Turtle Creek’s expertise
  • Photoshoot coordination on-site to supply breathtaking visual assets
  • Full content placement, design, and development

Matching the warm, new branding to an intuitive user experience design, our team was able to produce a highly engaging, mobile-optimized website that highlights key business information and places Turtle Creek’s gorgeous plant material front and center.

turtle creek logo animation


We weren’t the only ones who found this project exceptional. In October 2018, Signalfire was recognized with a GDUSA National Graphic Design Award for Turtle Creek Nursery’s branding and logo design.

Overall, Signalfire’s services for Turtle Creek resulted in…

  • An Award-Winning, Iconic Logo
  • Stunning Mobile-Responsive Website Design w/ Streamlined User Experience
  • Better Brand Positioning Tools
  • Versatile Brand Style for Use on Business Materials, Vehicle Graphics, Apparel, Sales Collateral, Print Advertising, and Digital Media

Signalfire as an ongoing marketing partner, Turtle Creek Nursery effectively planted seeds in 2018 for sustained business growth moving forward.

We value strong business relationships, and we have found that in Signalfire. Each team member is a link in the chain that creates a long-lasting bond. We had never done any kind of marketing or advertising, but Signalfire supported us on our journey of developing a brand and moving us toward reaching our goals.” Rachelle Lurvey Eifert, Director of Operations at Turtle Creek Nursery

Flat bed trailer with the turtle creek logo

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