Signalfire’s Effort To Say Thank You

DLVC-ThanksAt Signalfire, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with fantastic clients. Some clients are well-known tourism destinations and others are small manufacturers servicing a niche market. Some are non-profit organizations that passionately serve their respective causes, but all put their trust in Signalfire. To help show our gratitude, we want to take some time and share these clients with our social media community.

#ThankYouThursday is what is commonly referred to as a hashtag. The pound symbol (#) is typically used in social media to group conversations on a like topic. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram have all enabled these hashtags to group conversations even with individuals who would not be otherwise connected. It is an excellent tool for social media users from all over to discuss topics they all share an interest in—even if they would never be connected in any other way.

How To Connect With Signalfire Over Social Media?

Why Does #ThankYouThursday Matter To You?

It might or it might not matter to you. However, should you be looking for a good cause for your volunteer efforts or needing a referral for a great veterinarian we hope you’ll consider our clients. Signalfire has been active in social media since 2007, and we’ve been blessed with a great community. While we don’t always toot our own horn, we figured tooting our client’s horns might serve us even better.

What If I Want To Say Thank You for #ThankYouThursday?

While Signalfire will be using the hashtag to call out and thank our clients, there are no exclusive rights to the phrase. Other businesses and organizations have been using the same hashtag for some time. We would love to see other people and businesses take the time to say thank you to the clients and customers that make a difference in the business world. Expressing thanks is also something that goes beyond a business relationship. Don’t hesitate to thank the people or companions that make your world a better place.

Do you have questions about our #ThankYouThursday effort? Don’t be afraid to give us a shout and share your ideas.