Jodi Heisz

Stories. Every client has one yearning to be shared with the world. It’s my job as the Associate Creative Director to take the characters and plots combining them into compelling stories of our clients’ products and services. And it’s these stories that motivate and influence a target audience to connect with clients creating and building relationships. With thorough planning, brainstorming and visioning, I develop these stories into advertising, branding, digital marketing and other print materials producing positive results for a client’s organization. For 16 years working as a graphic designer, my passion for creating work that matters never wanes, but grows stronger every day with every client.

In my personal life, I love being a mom to my sweet, energetic 6-year old boy and my oldest son Calvin, age 25 (yes, 25). My other passion is martial arts. As a 4th Dan in KiMudo, I practice and teach at Elkhorn Martial Arts School to children and adults ranging from the ages of four through 65 years. And when I am not kicking people in the head or teaching them to, I love to write creative and inspirational messages on my blog.


Equipped with my 18 years of martial arts training, my superhero power is a swift boot to the head followed by a throw to the ground ending with a surprise arm bar. All in one lightening flash motion…
  • Associate Creative Director