Meet Our Amazing Team

Heather first joined the Signalfire team as a Graphic Designer back in 2011. Matthew offered her not only a job but an incredible opportunity to learn from both his experience and the experience of everyone she has the privilege to work with at Signalfire. His mentorship and guidance have helped to shape the professional she is today. Everyday continues to be an adventure with the Signalfire team.

Heather studied Graphic Design with a minor in Professional Writing and Book Publishing at UW-Whitewater. She has a passion for learning and experiencing new things, and above all, laughing with friends and family. In her free time, she enjoys both creating and appreciating art in a variety of forms, whether visual, literary, musical, film, or theatrical. She is also a proud fangirl of Sci-fi movies and TV shows such as Dr. Who, Star Wars, and Firefly.

As a designer, Heather has found that effective design always starts with effective communication. Her goal is to get as much as she can right the first time in order to increase efficiency and ensure client satisfaction. “Work smarter, not harder,” has always been one of her guiding philosophies…right along with “Never tell me the odds!”