Meet Our Amazing Team

Hannah has always been interested in everything that’s going on, from what her friends and family are up to – to what local businesses are doing on a Friday night. When she moved from a small central Wisconsin town to Madison for college, social media immediately became her favorite form of communication and personal expression.

Hannah got her Journalism and Mass Communications degree a UW-Madison before starting her career working in a television newsroom. She started as a news content producer for the station’s website and moved into managing the station’s social media brands and accounts. Hannah loved working in the fast-paced environment and connecting with tens of thousands of people in the news station’s audience.

When Hannah made the move from Madison to Walworth County, she knew working on social media for local companies, Wisconsin tourism groups and manufacturing companies would keep her busy and excited about the content she was working on. Hannah loves the diversity of the clients she’s working with and is excited to keep moving forward with all of the new social media trends!