Meet Our Amazing Team

Bryan began his marketing career 20 years ago in college, learning a great deal and putting most of it to use while playing in a rock and roll band. He then took a break from his marketing education to begin a career in the Emergency Management field.

Bryan worked as a firefighter and EMT-I99 for 10 years, as well as within the hospital system as an emergency room technician and an anesthesiology technician. However, Bryan realized his true passion had always been marketing, so he completed his marketing degree at Madison College with a secondary focus on international customer service.

He is a very proud father and husband. Bryan and his wife have been together for over 10 years, and for the last 4 plus, they have been blessed with a beautiful daughter. When not playing with Legos or drawing pictures with her, Bryan has a deep passion for history. He spends a great deal of free time reading and studying the Second World War as well as reenacting a few times each summer.