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7 Easy Steps to Damage Your Hotel’s Brand

All the work and investment into your hotel’s brand can be lost far easier than it can be earned. Hoteliers, bed and breakfast proprietors, and short term vacation owners all share a critical element – each has a brand. Each property’s brand is more than a logo. It is the collective representation from graphics to guest experience. […]

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5 Social Media Mistakes That Are Costing You Big

One thing is for sure: social media is always changing. For businesses without a dedicated staff member, it can be difficult to keep up – leading to social media mistakes that negatively affect your relationship with key audience members. But the truth is…social is worth it. Why? Because you have the opportunity to meet and […]

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Building a Buzz Using Integrated Marketing – Milwaukee’s Newest French Restaurant

In December 2016, Michael Quinn, Owner and Executive Chef at Maison, reached out to Signalfire to assist him with a range of marketing needs. He was anticipating his new restaurant in Milwaukee to open by the end of February 2017, and time was of the essence. […]

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