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Signalfire launches RH Batterman website with refocused priorities, brand design

Starting over can sound like a daunting task, but when a project isn’t heading in the right direction sometimes the best place to go is back to the beginning.

RH Batterman, a civil engineer and land surveying company that serves Wisconsin and Illinois, reached out to Signalfire to design and develop a new website for them. Initially they wanted to focus on their services, the industries they work with, and completed projects.

After working through the initial website process with Signalfire, RH Batterman decided they wanted to take the site map and design in a different direction, so Signalfire worked with RH Batterman to restart the process to make sure they were completely confident in the development of the website moving forward.

“During the process, 2020 happened,” says Signalfire’s President Matthew Olson. “Everyone agreed Batterman wanted to showcase success stories. We created a projects section that is sortable by categories.”

RH Batterman also wanted to incorporate their social media presence onto their website. Their #wheresmyB social media campaign including photos and stories of where their clients have traveled while wearing one of their Batterman hats is prominently featured on their homepage.

website design with emphasis on social media

Another interesting aspect of the website is the unique and creative way we incorporated their brand throughout the website. Their text based Batterman logo has a unique yellow slash as part of the ‘B’ and we incorporated that in headers and graphics throughout the website.

When the focus of a website design or any project we’re working on with a client needs to change, sometimes the best course of action is to start over to make sure the final product is exactly what the client needs.

Signalfire’s website design and development team understands the website development process is just that, a process, and we work with the client from beginning…then maybe back to the beginning…and then to the end to make it exactly what they want.