Madison-Based Niche Audio Engineering Studio Develops Website

Concept Productions wanted expert website development for the niche recording studio

Concept Productions, a unique full-service recording studio in Madison, Wisconsin, are experts in sound and recording specializing in spoken-word recordings and video sweetening. Faced with a website that hadn’t been updated in many years, the audio experts hired the website experts at Signalfire.

updating the old flash-powered website with a mobile responsive WordPress site
The original website still relied on out of date technologies like Adobe Flash.

Concept’s original website was not working properly, and couldn’t support photos or videos that would feature the work the Concept Productions does. The website project would need to include a fresh user experience design and an easy-to-update content management system.

“The challenge with Concept Productions is that since the last site was built, technology has come a very long way,” said Kory Kohlhof, Signalfire graphic designer and photographer.

Signalfire started developing the new WordPress website to include simple navigation, a feature video playing at the top of the site, an eye-catching CTA, and contact options, but Concept Productions didn’t have any of that content. So, the Signalfire team visited Concept Productions to photograph and video a recording session to have the best possible visuals for the website.

“We grabbed all angles from inside the booth to behind the desk where the engineers, directors, and producers sit,” Kohlhof said. The finished results included a homepage video and fantastic imagery of the studio.

“The studio is an incredible experience,” says Matthew Olson, Signalfire’s President. “Every acoustic engineering detail helps capture a near-perfect recording environment. Our team was able to bring that into the website design.”

Concept Productions’ mobile-responsive website featured a portfolio of recording samples, overview of service offerings, and the ability for easy content editing or expansion. The website also included technical search engine optimization, and ADA compliance check, and training for key personnel.