marketing for precision machining and swiss style machining

How Do I Get More Customers?

Marketing Precision and Swiss-Style Machining: How Can You Reach The Engineers That Need Your Expertise?

Work from home has been devastating. Trying to connect with engineers and buyers has never been tougher. Buying decisions are slower and involve more people than before.

It’s even worse when your contacts are gone—the “newbie” doesn’t know you.

You’ve got to connect with the next generation of engineers who research with Google instead of talking to someone.

Did you know 67% of buyers rely more on content to research and make purchasing decisions than they did a year ago? 58% of Millennial engineers rated YouTube among their top sources when seeking information for a purchase decision.

You need to demonstrate your expertise through content on your website, videos, and on social media.

Signalfire is a marketing team that excels at sharing your story.

  • Writing search engine optimized website articles (Case Study: Swiss-Tech)
  • Leveraging LinkedIn (and maybe Facebook) to engage prospects and recruit new personnel
  • Creating email campaigns that educate past and current customers
  • Connecting new prospects with tightly focused digital marketing and retargeting (Case Study: Broaster Chicken)

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