How Do Online Reviews Impact My Business?

Small Business Online Reviews

One of the biggest impacts to how consumers shop over the web is the online review. Insights and experiences from other customers or shoppers are the biggest influences on whether new consumers choose your products or services over your competitor. Equally important, how businesses respond to both compliments and criticisms will sway opinions either positively or negatively. Business owners should ask themselves:

  • Are there online reviews of my business?
  • Are the reviews helping or hurting my business?
  • Is there someone monitoring these reviews? Should there be?
  • Should I encourage online reviews?
  • How do I (or should I) respond to negative reviews?

Signalfire has put together a brief tip sheet for you, the business owner. We talk about the basics of online reviews and give some tips on what to do. Download the PDF and start using the review platforms to your advantage.

How Do Customers Write An Online Review?

How to write a small business review online

Signalfire has taken four of the most popular platforms and written a brief set of instructions for writing an online review. Geared towards getting users logged in and directed to your business, these instructions will hopefully get your (happy) customers talking.

These instructions talk about creating accounts, locating your business, and writing effective reviews. We also encourage reviewers to follow up a few days later. We want businesses to respond, but we also want reviewers to see why their review matters. The more communication the better!

If your business is looking for help with online reputation management or looking at ways to develop better online community growth, give Signalfire a shout or call (262) 725-4500. We help with online reputation strategy, social media management / strategy, and overall web marketing to bring growth to businesses and organizations.