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Don’t Let Your Nursery Marketing Wither and Die During The Busy Season

5 Marketing Missions You Can Accomplish During The Busy Season

Autumn means business for you. Digging, shipping, and taking care of your customers is critical. The busy season also means your marketing should be busy too. Here are five tips to make sure your marketing stays vibrant this fall.

  1. Update your website with current inventory, delivery schedules, and hours
  2. Capture pictures and videos with your cell phone showing your team hard at work (great for social media!)
  3. Reach prospective or current customers with an email blast to promote stock you want to move
  4. Leverage LinkedIn advertising to reach new prospects and build awareness
  5. Engage customers who leave online reviews and encourage other customers to share their experience — your response even helps with Google search performance!

Check out this case study for Turtle Creek Nursery in Wisconsin.

Creative Design Plants Seeds of Growth for Turtle Creek Nursery

Need Marketing Help?

Signalfire is an award-winning branding and marketing team in Southern Wisconsin that can help your marketing bear fruit. Our team of creative guides and outfitters specialize in:

  • Marketing planning and strategy
  • Logo design
  • Web design
  • Graphic design (ads, brochures, direct mail)
  • Content marketing plans
  • Digital marketing plans (pay-per-click, display, and retargeting)
  • Social media (strategy, advertising, and management)
  • Email marketing
  • Organic and technical SEO
  • Video production

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