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Looking for Better SEO Performance? Start with Your Content!

Small business search engine improvement is not for the feint of heart. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and countless other search engines have been updating their mathematical algorithms to give users improved search results. The downside is that most businesses and non-profit groups don’t really know how to keep up. One thing has rung true above everything […]

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7 Questions To Ask About A Business Website

You’ve decided you’ve got to “do something” about your website. Now what? Designing or developing a new website should not be started without some serious examination. We recommend spending some time assessing your own online efforts, talking with your best as well as your newest customers, and investigating the online efforts of your competition. Knowing […]

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Mobile Friendly vs Mobile Optimized vs Responsive Design: What You Need To Know About The Mobile Version of Your Website

Making a website mobile ready is pretty high on the request list for businesses and organizations developing a new website. However, there are a flurry of terms surrounding mobile. Mobile friendly, mobile optimized, and a newer term: responsive design. What is the difference between them? Why is it important? In fall 2012 Peter Sondergaard, senior […]

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