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Case Study: The Dos and Don’ts of Stock Imagery

As a creative marketing agency, we encounter certain issues more often than others. Questions and concerns about how and when to use stock imagery – photos, graphics, etc. – are some of the most common. After all, we live in a highly visual world. This makes it super important to update the photos found on […]

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Brand MAP: Your Marketing Action Plan [A Guided Journey]

Have you ever embarked on a dream vacation to an exciting destination? Unless you’re of the Thelma and Louise ilk, chances are you did a bit of diligent planning ahead of such an endeavor. After all, you probably had an idea of where you wanted to go, how you planned on getting there, and how […]

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Branding: 3 Types and Why They Are Important

A chemical company. An adventure park. A local bank. What in the world do these all have in common? The answer is simple: branding. Every company has a brand, but no two brands are the same. After all, every business/organization possesses a unique culture, audience, experience, and set of values. At Signalfire, we interact with […]

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The AND Medium. The future of voice & audio

Voice and Podcasting is the AND Medium

Audio content allows us to engage with the content AND… listen to a morning briefing on Alexa AND make our kids’ lunches. We can listen to a podcast AND run on the treadmill. We can listen to a TED Talk AND drive to the office. […]

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5 Must-Have Small Business Tools in 2018

Small business owners face a tough challenge–how to maintain their marketing and administrative tasks while still delivering and engaging with customers. How does a small business owner who is not an accountant or a marketer get some of the critical tasks done? Here are some tools to help. […]

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