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website optimization

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Website in 2020

We’ve been talking a lot about social media and content that goes on your website, but what about optimizing your website. Don’t be afraid to “pop the hood” on your website and get your hands dirty. Most websites that have a CMS like WordPress give you incredible access and tools for you to get your website humming. […]

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website content tips

5 Website Content Tips You Can Do in 2020

Social media, email newsletters, pay-per-click search advertising, and all of the digital strategies you can think of have one thing in common. They’re marketing vehicles. In order to make those vehicles perform, you need fuel. Your website’s content is the fuel to power all of your marketing vehicles. […]

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social media tips for small business

5 Social Media Tips You Can Implement in 2020

You can still do a lot to improve your social media engagement. There are a lot of tools you can use to “shortcut” the process. Be careful. Social media is successful when you approach it as a marathon and not a sprint. Take the time to connect and engage with your social media community. Remember: you need them more than they need you. […]

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Signalfire wins 2 graphic design awards

Signalfire Scores Two Additional Graphic Design Awards

Graphic Design USA Recognizes Signalfire with Awards for Logo Design and Beer Label Design Signalfire has received two Graphic Design USA awards for creative branding and graphic design work. The awards, which are presented annually, receive over 1,200 entries each year ranging from traditional package design to interactive development and beyond. Winners are selected based […]

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Signalfire wins national web development award

Signalfire Receives Three National Web Development Awards

Signalfire has received three 2019 W3 Awards for website designs. The W3 Awards recognize the power of web creativity through an extensive selection process by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts. Each year, entries are judged on standards of overall excellence in design and user experience. This is the second year Signalfire has received multiple awards. […]

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