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In-House vs Agency Marketing

Should You Hire In-House vs. Agency for Marketing?

Scaling your marketing efforts successfully is tough to do as a one-man band. If you’re on the fence about how to accomplish your marketing goals, the crossroads between hiring an in-house team vs. agency partner is likely weighing on your mind. After all, decisions like these shouldn’t be made lightly or without detailed consideration of all […]

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Custom Logo Design Efforts Earn Signalfire Two National Awards

Custom Logo Design Efforts Earn Two National Awards

Not one, not two, but in three consecutive years, Signalfire has earned the honor of at least one American Graphic Design Award presented by GDUSA. In 2018, this recognition reflects our custom logo design and branding efforts for CryoCarb™ and Turtle Creek Nursery. These awards which are presented annually receive over 1,200 entries each year […]

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Why Your Business Needs Marketing...Even When Business is Booming

Why You Should Double Down on Marketing When Business is Booming

“The economy is so good, we don’t need to market,” said a prospective client. After having done the discovery, assembled the proposal, and given a presentation, I was a little stunned. I have heard most every other reason to decline a proposal – from “outside of our budget” to “better culture fit,” but this one […]

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A Cup Of Coffee to Jumpstart Your Brand

You’ve probably never considered “Guides” and “Outfitters” as related to marketing, but that’s exactly what we pride ourselves on being for our clients at Signalfire. And here’s why… Successful businesses are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to share their brand’s story with potential customers. Our team of creative marketing professionals helps […]

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7 Easy Steps to Damage Your Hotel’s Brand

All the work and investment into your hotel’s brand can be lost far easier than it can be earned. Hoteliers, bed and breakfast proprietors, and short term vacation owners all share a critical element – each has a brand. Each property’s brand is more than a logo. It is the collective representation from graphics to guest experience. […]

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Your Website Needs An SSL. Now.

Starting in July 2018, Google will be marking all websites not secured with a properly configured secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate as “Not Secure” for users of Google Chrome. In short, unless you have the green lock or other secure message showing up in your web browser (i.e. https://) when your site is displayed, your […]

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