Navigating File Formats

Navigating File Types: What Formats To Use And When

Small businesses and non-profit organizations all face a common challenge: when a vendor asks for an electronic file of a logo, what do you send? Once designed, your logo is sent to you in a variety of formats, leaving you to navigate a virtual jungle of file extensions such as .JPG, .EPS, or even .TIF […]

Brand Building: Creating Buzz for Maison Using Integrated Marketing

Building a Buzz Using Integrated Marketing – Milwaukee’s Newest French Restaurant

One of Milwaukee’s hottest new restaurants, Maison “French for Home,” is a modern French bistro, serving adaptations of classic dishes and authentic French wine. This enticing eatery has its own unique backstory, but it’s also a powerful example of how an effective integrated marketing strategy can quickly and potently build your brand. The History: In […]

DIY SEO 4 Must-Do Steps for Newborn Websites

DIY SEO: 4 Must-Do Moves for Newborn Websites

“Websites are not launched, they’re born.” Matthew Olson, Founder of Signalfire Launching a new website is an exciting thing for a small business. It is the culmination of countless hours of design, development, writing, and collaboration. You’re ready to share it with the world and make worthwhile connections with your customers. Just like new parents […]

How to Remove Bad Review

Mythbusting Marketing: How to Remove Bad Online Reviews

Small business owners, and those who work in the tourism and service industries, know the power of online reviews. While some negative reviews cast wild generalities over specific situations, they aren’t to be dismissed. The opinions of complete strangers have an incredible impact on consumers. Understanding how these reviews and their corresponding platforms work is […]

If You Build It...

Mythbusting Marketing: If You Build It, They Will Come

For businesses and non-profit organizations, this iconic quote from the 1989 film Field of Dreams conjures images of customers or donors flocking towards you intent on giving you money. “They won’t know why,” says the movie, but it implies that customers will simply gravitate to you because of this accomplishment. Whether that goal is launching […]

Marketing Content Calendar

How to Fuel Your Marketing with a Content Calendar

It’s true that almost everything we interact with on a daily basis uses some form of fuel. Our cars need gasoline, our phones need battery life, and our bodies need nutrients, in order to perform well. So, when it comes to our companies’ marketing efforts, why would it be any different? Truth be told, it’s […]

Signalfire's Favorite Big Game Ads

Signalfire’s Favorite Ads from The Big Game

This year’s Big Game was, of course, one for the record books. Although extremely popular among football fans, America’s most watched game has also historically been the setting for some of the most iconic and effective TV commercials of all time. Here’s #TeamSignalfire’s Top 3:

How to Make Your Website Work

DIY SEO: How to Make Your Website Work

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking a good website should never have to change. But with technology always changing, your business website has to work the way you need it to. Here’s a few tips you can do yourself!

How Can A Business Get Involved With #GivingTuesday?

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are now followed by Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to charitable giving. Made popular by social media, this philanthropic effort is gaining wide popularity and participation by businesses and non-profit organizations alike.

Signalfire Sponsors Honor Flight Guardian

Signalfire Sponsors Volunteer For Honor Flight

Bryan Giese, Project Manager at Signalfire, will be a volunteer escort for a Korean War veteran on the September 17th Stars and Stripes Honor Flight to Washington DC. Volunteers who escort Stars and Stripes Honor Flight veterans, also called Guardians, go through a stringent process and are required to cover their own expenses—including air fare.