5 Social Media Mistakes

5 Social Media Mistakes That Are Costing You Big

One thing is for sure: social media is always changing. For businesses without a dedicated staff member, it can be difficult to keep up – leading to social media mistakes that negatively affect your relationship with key audience members. But the truth is…social is worth it. Why? Because you have the opportunity to meet and […]

Fundraising ideas for animal shelters and humane societies

5 Fundraising Ideas for Your Animal Shelter or Humane Society (SPCA)

Coming up with fundraising ideas for local animal shelters, animal rescues, or humane societies (SPCA) can be a challenge, but too often these non-profit organizations get too focused on BIG events. Here are five ideas that can provide a much-needed boost to awareness and reduce the friction to giving. Accept Online Donations While the ability […]

Affordable Logo Design by Signalfire

Affordable Logo Design: Why Agencies Do It Best

Are you ready for a new logo? In today’s digital world, locating affordable logo design is fairly simple. Just type it into Google or ask Alexa, and you’ll come up with a variety of options. These results, which promise outstanding work – fast and for cheap – work well for entrepreneurs and small businesses that […]

Stock Imagery - The Dos and Don'ts

Case Study: The Dos and Don’ts of Stock Imagery

As a creative marketing agency, we encounter certain issues more often than others. Questions and concerns about how and when to use stock imagery – photos, graphics, etc. – are some of the most common. After all, we live in a highly visual world. This makes it super important to update the photos found on […]

Man Watching LGCT Video on Mobile Phone

Case Study: Versatile Video Production for Seasonal Adventure Attraction

Lake Geneva Canopy Tours (LGCT) is a popular zip lining and outdoor adventure center, providing year-round, thrills for Wisconsin/Illinois state-line travelers. Offering zip line tours, high ropes excursions, hiking and mountain biking, as well as team building programs, LGCT has earned its spot as Trip Advisor’s #1 ranked outdoor activity in Lake Geneva.   Challenge […]

Branding: 3 Types and Why They Are Important

Branding: 3 Types and Why They Are Important

A chemical company. An adventure park. A local bank. What in the world do these all have in common? The answer is simple: branding. Every company has a brand, but no two brands are the same. After all, every business/organization possesses a unique culture, audience, experience, and set of values. At Signalfire, we interact with […]

Branding & Web Design for Crown of Life Christian Academy

Branding & Web Design for Crown of Life Academy

Crown of Life Christian Academy is a new private school in the Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin area providing quality education for kids from pre-k through 8th grade. The greatest challenge of opening a new school is effectively announcing your presence in the area as a legitimate institution for children to receive a great education that prepares […]

Outdoor Zip Line and Adventure Center Dominates Local Tourism

Signalfire has provided extensive strategic, creative, and marketing services for Lake Geneva Canopy Tours since 2015. Lake Geneva Canopy Tours is the premier tree-top zip line experience in Southern Wisconsin. Located just outside of Lake Geneva, one of Wisconsin’s hottest travel destinations, LGCT invites guests to experience the two hour zip line tour, the forested […]

podcasts, voice search, alexa, google home, apple homepod

Voice and Podcasting is the AND Medium

Audio content allows us to engage with the content AND… listen to a morning briefing on Alexa AND make our kids’ lunches. We can listen to a podcast AND run on the treadmill. We can listen to a TED Talk AND drive to the office.

5 Small Business Tools for 2018

5 Must-Have Small Business Tools in 2018

Small business owners face a tough challenge–how to maintain their marketing and administrative tasks while still delivering and engaging with customers. How does a small business owner who is not an accountant or a marketer get some of the critical tasks done? Here are some tools to help.

Increase Donations: Creating Donor Profiled for Non-Profits

Increase Donations: How to Create Donor Profiles for Non-Profits

Why Creating Profiles of Your Donors Can Help Reach More Contributors “We know who our donors are,” is a phrase that’s often tossed around by leaders of non-profit organizations. In many instances, they’re right. Most non-profits’ Executive Directors, Donor Relations Managers, or Fundraising Managers can speak in great detail about their top donors. If you’re […]

Non-Profit Marketing: Promote Events with Print Collateral

Non-Profit Marketing: Promote Your Events with Print Collateral

A staple of Walworth County, Lakeland Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization that provides care for over 2,500 homeless animals in Southeastern Wisconsin on an annual basis. Their skilled staff, as well as over 100 dedicated volunteers, actively fight animal cruelty and neglect through education and humane partnerships. The History: As a creative marketing partner […]

Navigating File Formats

Navigating File Types: What Formats To Use And When

Small businesses and non-profit organizations all face a common challenge: when a vendor asks for an electronic file of a logo, what do you send? Once designed, your logo is sent to you in a variety of formats, leaving you to navigate a virtual jungle of file extensions such as .JPG, .EPS, or even .TIF […]

DIY SEO 4 Must-Do Steps for Newborn Websites

DIY SEO: 4 Must-Do Moves for Newborn Websites

“Websites are not launched, they’re born.” Matthew Olson, Founder of Signalfire Launching a new website is an exciting thing for a small business. It is the culmination of countless hours of design, development, writing, and collaboration. You’re ready to share it with the world and make worthwhile connections with your customers. Just like new parents […]