Getting Started with Signalfire

It Starts With Drawing a MAP…

Signalfire’s process is focused on creating a customized plan tailored to fit your specific business. We don’t cut corners. Short-cuts reduces success and increases budget. Here’s what you can expect from Signalfire!

Initial Consult with Matthew

The first step will be a no-strings attached conversation with our Founder and resident strategist, Matthew. You’ll chat about your business and your culture—let’s make sure we’re a good fit.

During the 30 minute conversation, you’ll discuss:

  • What are your goals and objectives for marketing?
  • What kind of marketing have you already tried?
  • What is your annual budget for marketing and ad purchases?
  • What results would make you look like a rock star?

Business MAP – Signalfire’s Discovery Process

Before diving headlong into a plan, we want to do some research. Signalfire’s Business MAP process will dive into your current brand, marketing efforts, and industry. This evaluation will provide insight to current efforts, your marketspace, and your competitors.

Your MAP is a one-time, flat fee investment.

The result will be a documented Marketing Assessment and Plan (MAP) that can serve you whether we proceed together or not.

Program Outline and Budgeting

Building on your MAP, Signalfire will create a recommended program and forecasted budget. Our recommended program typically runs for a year. Budgets will be estimated for Signalfire’s deliverables and recommended digital and social ad purchases.

What if something changes? Matthew hates surprises as a business owner and doesn’t believe in surprise invoices. Any changes will be in writing and approval granted before any additional billable time.

Determine Performance Metrics and KPI’s

How will your success be measured? Accompanying the proposed program will be recommended data points. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are elements of gathered data that will reflect Signalfire’s success. Each reported metric will be agreed on and documented at the outset of the project.

Review and Adjust

Plans are great, but we also know keeping you nimble can seize fantastic opportunities. You’ll get a chance to meet with Signalfire on a regular basis to review performance and adjust as needed.