Head of Security
Buddy Head of Security

I’m the Head of Security so I’m usually the first one to greet you when you come into the office. If there is a strange noise, I’ll be the first one on the scene … if you don’t see me and you hear a noise … I’m still the first on the scene. Other roles I have as security are food inspections and random garbage checks. 

Here at Signalfire, we all wear many hats. Not only am I the Head of Security but you could say that I’m also the task master and make sure everyone is working. Sometimes, they think it’s cool to bounce balls and play with my penguin but usually I’m quick to confiscate them.

When I’m not standing guard at the door, you can either find me in my nap zone or practicing my interrogation skills on an empty soda bottle. When I’m not in the office, I’m still napping at home because this group tuckers me out with their high energy.