signalfire marketing assessment and plan

What is a Business MAP?

Does your website and social media just not deliver the punch you’d expect? You’ve tried letting an “internal” person run it, but marketing gets put on the back burner because customer work comes first.

We get it. Attempting to plan, write, and manage the website and social media is a huge undertaking. Hiring an in-house resource just isn’t in the cards—too much overhead …

How to target your customers.

Playing Marketing Battleship: Why You Must Target Your Marketing

Imagine you’re using marketing to play Battleship—attempting to hit the right people on the right advertising platform. Are you taking random shots with your marketing by throwing money behind advertising efforts without thinking about who will see it? Have you documented the most common characteristics of your customers? Does it play …

Mythbusting Marketing: Can You Remove Bad Online Reviews?

Small business owners, and those who work in the tourism and service industries, know the power of online reviews. While some negative reviews cast wild generalities over specific situations, they aren’t to be dismissed.

The opinions of complete strangers have an incredible …

Brand MAP (Marketing Action Plan)

Business MAP: Your Marketing Assessment and Plan [A Guided Journey]

Have you ever embarked on a dream vacation to an exciting destination? Unless you’re of the Thelma and Louise ilk, chances are you did a bit of diligent planning ahead of such an endeavor.

After all, you probably had an idea of where you wanted to go, how you planned on getting there, and how much it would cost. Marketing your business …

Dos and Don’ts of Stock Imagery

As a creative marketing agency, we encounter certain issues more often than others. Questions and concerns about how and when to use stock imagery – photos, graphics, etc. – are some of the most common.

After all, we live in a highly visual world. This makes it …

Keyword Research: why is it so important

Keyword Research: Why It’s So Important to Content Marketing

“What’s the big deal with keyword research,” you ask? Well, it’s right in the name.

These specific words and phrases are critical components in producing strategic and effective content. “What types of content,” you also ask? All of your online, print, and even outdoor …

Domain Names: Clear the fog

Clear the Fog! Answers to Common Domain Name Questions

At Signalfire, we’ve designed and developed a great deal of successful websites – some even award winning! But since a website’s layout, color scheme, and navigation get all the glory, we’ve found that other vital pieces of the web development puzzle, such as your site’s domain name, are often overlooked …

Professional Photography: It’s Time to Refresh Your Bottom-Line

Ask yourself: When was the last time your business or organization updated the photography on your marketing materials? Has it been over a year? 5 years or longer?

Statistics show that marketing content with great visuals continue to be high on many brands’ priority lists. The Content Marketing Institute reports …

Mythbusting Marketing: If You Build It, They Will Come

For businesses and non-profit organizations, this iconic quote from the 1989 film Field of Dreams conjures images of customers or donors flocking towards you intent on giving you money.

“They won’t know why,” says the movie, but it implies that customers will simply gravitate …