Make Your First Video and Let it Suck

No one likes themselves on video. Everyone struggles with the first try. Here’s why you need to embrace the suck and get it done.

updating your holiday hours

Website and Social Media Checklist for the Holidays

How ready are your social media accounts, Google listings, and website for the holiday season? November is here and the holidays are coming faster than we’d like. There are a handful of things you can do to make sure you’re not frustrating your customers through the busy season …

four spring cleaning checklists for marketing

Four DIY Spring Cleaning Marketing Checklists

Don’t let this happen to you. In the last month we have seen domain names lost; entire websites that were compromised; and business revenue devastated. What can you do to ensure your marketing is ready?

4 Ideas on Promoting with TRAVEL Grant Funding

4 Ideas for Travel Marketing with ARPA Grant Funding

Congratulations! Thanks to the TRAVEL Grant, you have some spendin’ cash to show how great your community is. You received critical funding to keep your community organizations going. Signalfire is here to help you get the most out of your TRAVEL grant for your …

cellphone apps

Simplify Your Life With These 5 Apps (And 1 Not App)

There are a lot of national social media holidays out there – some are more fun to celebrate than others (National Donut Day AND National Doughnut Day…amirite?!??!) but National Simplify Your Life Week seemed like one we all deserve to celebrate.

How to Track Your Email Performance with Apple’s Privacy Changes

If you can no longer trust your open rates, what can you trust?

Email newsletters and marketing are about to see a big change. This is impacting data reporting on a variety of levels. If you’ve relied on open rates as an email performance metric, changes are coming that requires a fresh approach.

when to hire an agency

When Should You Hire An Agency Like Signalfire?

Here are 5 Warning Signs You Need to Take Action!

Imagine getting fantastic marketing results without the frustration of doing everything yourself. Working with an agency like Signalfire will take you from simply executing marketing to seeing real conversions and increased sales.