Case Study: Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee


Inspired Video Creation for Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee

Who is the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee? They are a Christian community of over 50 congregations, ministries, and fellowships that worship and witness as the Episcopal Church in southern Wisconsin.

Through the work of 11,000 communicants and nearly 200 clergy, members of the Diocese seek to grow themselves and others as disciples of Jesus Christ, serving and ministering in their local communities and the world at-large.

The Challenge

All churches go through periods of growth and decline. When several of their member parishes began experiencing hardships, the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee took action, providing resources and support for church revitalization and redevelopment.

Upon witnessing the profound results of their redevelopment programs through three very different parishes, the Diocese knew that more miraculous work could be done.

They simply needed help with spreading the word.

Having worked collaboratively with Rev. Joel Prather (formerly of Christ Church Delavan & current Rector/Pastor of St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church), Signalfire was referred to the Diocese as a potential marketing partner to help them promote their parish’s success stories.

Our team’s extensive history of helping nonprofits and religious organizations with branding, websites, and content marketing plans gave them great confidence that we were the perfect choice.

Quality Video Creation by Signalfire & Ethos Films

After having comprehensive talks regarding the Diocese’s promotional needs, our team suggested we produce an inspirational awareness video to bring each parish’s redevelopment story to life and demonstrate the empowerment of the support they received.

Signalfire’s first course of action was to contact Isaac Smith of Ethos Films – a talented visual storyteller and filmmaker. With a history of partnership with Isaac on previous video projects, we were able to quickly catch him up on the scope of work, so he could provide an accurate quote.

“We’re very fortunate to have Ethos Films as one of our videography vendors. Isaac’s organization, flexibility, and outstanding execution have wowed us time and time again, so we knew he’d be the perfect choice for a project like this.” Matthew Olson, Signalfire President

Soon after, Isaac and Signalfire met to brainstorm creative ideas for the video and form a collective vision for the project. We also organized an on-site film schedule, established a project timeline, and decided how to most strategically share the experience of each parish’s unique experience.

Redevelopment Video Results

“This was a very fun project to be a part of – I love when my work is able to impact a cause that I believe in!

There were certainly differences in how the vision manifested in each of their parishes, but it wasn’t hard at all to combine their stories and share a greater picture of how the Church is seeing a resurgence. This unity was not crafted in the edit – it was real, and we just had to capture it.” – Isaac Smith, Ethos Films

After three full days of on-site filming and interviewing at each parish, as well as additional hours of post-production video editing, the Diocese’s uplifting redevelopment narrative unfolded beautifully before our eyes.

To date, the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee’s Redevelopment Video has…

  • Over 700 views and counting on YouTube
  • The versatility to be shared across multiple social media channels
  • Potential to inspire additional parishes to take advantage of the Diocese’s support

“Being on-set to assist Isaac with setup and takedown of equipment, provide supplementary photography, and meet several parishes’ leaders was incredible. I found it easy to root for each parish because they were all so genuinely in-tune with their communities and missions.” Ian Harris, Signalfire Content Copywriter & Strategist

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