Case Study: Delta Urethanes


Signalfire’s Award-Winning Project for Delta Urethanes

Delta Urethanes is comprised of highly skilled experts developing sustainable urethane systems to meet precise application requirements. With a customer-centric approach, Delta uses their wealth of raw material knowledge to provide high quality urethane solutions to a variety of industries.

“Signalfire’s creative team really came through,” says Matthew Olson, President of Signalfire. “Creating such an iconic look for Delta demonstrates the power of great branding.”



Delta Urethanes was a new company looking to build a brand identity, as well as begin developing their first website, so they approached Signalfire in need of creative marketing services.

“As a spin off from our parent company, we were determined to build a fresh and entirely new identity,” Delta Urethanes COO, Craig Robertson stated. “After whittling to a short list, we chose Signalfire based on their portfolio, but more importantly, they came across as easy to work with. After meeting face-to-face to build their understanding of our business and the desired image we wanted to portray, the team at Signalfire turned around a broad array of options.”

Creative Logo Design & Branding for Delta Urethanes

Brand Challenges

Signalfire’s team of designers understood that creating an eye-catching logo simply wouldn’t be enough; it also needed to capture the essence of the business in order to communicate Delta’s value to their clientele.

There are also many organizations across all economic sectors currently using a form of Delta in their branding. This made coming up with an original concept especially tricky. A significant amount of research had to be done, in order to avoid duplicating or even simply resembling too closely an existing icon.

“The challenge in creating this design was finding a new way to work with the delta symbol,” Signalfire Designer, Heather Harris commented. “It was a stretch for us creatively. We really had to collaborate on it, to the point where none of us can really say it was any one person’s design. It was a group effort. I think we’re all really proud of it because of that.”

Logo Design & Branding Services


Signalfire’s Innovative Logo Design and Branding

After due diligence, Signalfire was able to develop an assortment of unique logo concepts to be paired down by Delta Urethanes. Project Manager, Bryan Giese, worked closely with Delta’s executive staff to provide insight and collect feedback on the proposed branding.

“The process of narrowing down our logo concepts is critical,” Giese said. “We go from many, down to three, and then choose the best of those three. It’s really exciting to work alongside organizations to help them decide on a visual style to represent their goals, missions, and values.”

By subtly arranging several triangular “deltas” to form a rectangular icon, and choosing to include both warm and cool colors in overall design scheme, Signalfire’s creative experts produced a refreshing, stand-alone icon. The logo also featured slick, modern font that was chosen to convey Delta’s technical proficiency throughout various industries.

“Signalfire really wanted us to be a part of the process and took the time to look at our industry and competitors branding,” Robertson commented. “Together, we came up with something really unique.”

Signalfire's Award-Winning Logo Design for Delta Urethanes


This exceptional logo design has impressed, receiving raving reviews and recognition from a variety of sources.

“Since implementing our new branding, our company has had numerous compliments on our logo and brand identity,” Robertson said. “As a group of seasoned professionals that have experienced major multi-national corporate rebranding programs, Delta Urethanes can say that the local Signalfire team achieved the same, if not better, results as big name agencies.”

The project even caught the eye of Graphic Design USA’s 2017 American Graphic Design Awards, which were announced just weeks after the logo was rolled out.

“We’re thrilled with how it all came together,” Giese commented. “We were able to collaborate with Delta Urethanes to construct a logo as versatile as the business itself. Not only does it look great on paper, but it translates seamlessly to digital media and shirt embroidery, as well. I can’t wait to see it on the side of a truck!”


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