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Professional Website Design for Regional Accountants

TJS Deemer Dana LLP is a full-service certified public accounting firm with offices in Duluth, Dublin, Sandy Springs, and Savannah, Georgia. Their firm offers traditional services in accounting, auditing and taxation as well as consulting services.

Accountant Website Challenges

For CPAs, marketing and business development go hand-in-hand. There are many firms offering accounting services, which makes communicating what makes your firm unique is of the utmost importance.

The executive staff at TJS Deemer Dana (TJSDD) understand this. And for this reason, they reached out to Signalfire for help in bringing their digital marketing efforts up to speed.

More specifically, TJSDD was looking for a modern and professional website to complement their branding and position themselves as versatile industry leaders going forward.

TJS Deemer Dana - Signalfire Mobile Website Design

Signalfire’s Creative Website Solutions 

After hosting a creative kickoff meeting, our web design team got to work developing a user-friendly, mobile-responsive website that showcases the range of services TJSDD can provide. Another point of emphasis was their customer-focused business culture.

Along with ensuring the site’s proper functionality, the Signalfire team also incorporated a highly visual and dynamic design to fuel user engagement, build credibility, and enhance overall user experience.

The website design needed to accommodate for new content as TJSDD continues to grow, as well. We believe we accomplished this by including:

  • Separate blog channels for company news and industry articles
  • A sortable display for their leadership staff page
  • Simplified navigation for easy site search

“Grant and Brittany at TJS Deemer Dana were an absolute pleasure to work with. Their organization and enthusiasm throughout the entire project really brought the site to life.” Website Project Manager, Sarah Lobdell commented, “It’s great to have clients that are as excited about working on a project as we are!”

Signalfire Web Development for TJS Deemer Dana

Website Development Results

For TJSDD, the Signalfire team produced a professional WordPress website with the ability to:

  • Migrate blog posts and news article content from the former site
  • Boost interactivity through integrated video on the home page
  • Feature client testimonials to establish trust
  • Ultimately, streamline the customer experience from information seeking to lead generation

“Personally, I really like the outcome of the project,” TJS Deemer Dana IT Technician, Grant Pickett stated. “I’ve heard from multiple internal as well as external people on just how nice/clean/professional/modern the new site is compared to the old one. Sarah and her team always seemed to be on their game when it came to communication and creative decisions.”

At Signalfire, we make listening to our clients a top priority. We believe taking the time to understand your needs and objectives is really important, and this allows us to create solutions that actually work for your business/organization.

This, combined with our expertise in brand, logo, and website design, gives us a unique perspective on how to continue to serve businesses, travel destinations, and nonprofit organizations at a high level.

If you’re in need of some creative guidance or a digital marketing outfitter, signal for help today, or give a call with a question at 262-725-4500.

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