Content Marketing Bolsters Success Swiss-Style Precision Machining Company

It’s not about a lack of great content to promote – it’s simply a lack of time to devote to your marketing efforts.

As a Wisconsin-based creative marketing agency, Signalfire has helped a wide range of manufacturers with everything from logo design and website development to brand strategy and content marketing.

One such client is Swiss-Tech, LLC – an established, growing provider of precision CNC Swiss machined components for medical, aerospace, and high-end industrial markets.


After having previously designed and developed a modern, mobile-responsive website for Swiss-Tech, Signalfire’s creative guides and outfitters were approached in early 2018 for ongoing content marketing support.

The local custom-manufacturer of mission critical parts was seeking a creative partner to help them raise brand awareness, warm qualified leads for their sales staff, and create additional touchpoints with potential customers on a consistent basis.

Their biggest challenge? Pumping out quality content on a regular schedule.


After hosting a creative kickoff meeting, our knowledgeable team recommended a top-notch content creation and distribution plan for Swiss-Tech including:

• Quarterly content planning meetings
• Monthly Blog & news article writing
• Ongoing social media management & monitoring
• Monthly email blasts to current/potential customers

Why content marketing? Because content is king.

At Signalfire, we base our proposals on tried and trusted strategies/tactics, allowing us to confidently equip manufacturers like Swiss-Tech with the right tools to address their precise business goals.

We emphasized content consistency, balancing each hard-selling article with a softer business development feature to highlight key sales propositions while simultaneously positioning Swiss-Tech as a leader in their industry.

“As a project manager, the partnership we’ve been able to strike with Swiss-Tech is fantastic. Our knowledge and creative concepts continue to demonstrate Signalfire’s value, and they’ve come to rely on our expertise more and more – confident that we will help them reach their immediate and long-term goals.” – Signalfire Project Manager, Bryan Giese


Planning and executing a consistent marketing plan offers plenty of advantages for manufacturing companies. In the first month of implementing our creative services for Swiss-Tech, they experienced…

• Cultivation of nearly 50 highly engaged LinkedIn followers
• Consistent engagement of over 800 current/potential customers through email
• Approx. 1,300 new website users
• 6 industry keywords ranking on the first page of Google

“Don’t pretend to know what you don’t know. We see value in continuing our consistent operating rhythm with a third-party marketing agency like Signalfire. Marketing is a variable cost, so working with an outside vendor allows us the flexibility to ramp up or scale back our efforts without adding or subtracting personnel.” – Swiss-Tech President & CEO, Frank Meiland

Content marketing programs like the one we employed for Swiss-Tech have proven to be highly effective for a wide range of manufacturers and B2B firms we’ve had the privilege of working with.

To illustrate, one of our clients reported significant growth metrics in just six months (2019) of working alongside our marketing experts, such as:

• 17% increase in customer quotes/month (year-over-year)
• 18% boost in new business
• 9% jump in overall sales (year-over-year)

Need Help Gaining Consistent Traction and/or Warming Qualified Leads?

At Signalfire, we always start with learning about your business. We believe taking the time to understand your needs and objectives is a lost art, yet absolutely crucial in determining the best ways to market your company, solve your business challenges, and help you reach your goals.

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