American Provenance

Video Origin Story for All-Natural Personal Care Brand

American Provenance (AP) is an all-natural personal care products manufacturer with multiple lines of deodorant, lip balm, and hair care for both men and women.

The owner, Kyle LaFond, bases the business from his repurposed family farm outside of Blue Mounds, Wisconsin and uses the “driftless” aesthetic in much of his branding.

Currently, American Provenance is heavy into small retail with locations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Big box retail is coming swiftly with deals already in the works with recognizable stores.


Having experienced a lack of flexibility from other Wisconsin marketing firms, American Provenance came to Signalfire looking for a creative, personal approach to telling their brand story.

Our creative marketing outfitters were contracted to develop a 3:00+ minute video to accomplish this as well as a 1:00 minute scaled down version and four 0:15 second videos for use on social media.

With video marketing’s steady rise in consumer popularity, sharing AP’s origin story in this format was a no brainer.

The main challenge? Coordinating and executing a video shoot that would appeal to both consumers and distributors simultaneously.


Our marketing team got busy developing a framework in which to tell the story of American Provenance through three days of shooting.

Signalfire’s process involved comprehensive planning, storyboarding, pre-production, shooting, editing, and final mastering. For additional creative firepower, we brought in the filmmaking expertise of Isaac Smith of Ethos Films.

A talented videographer, Isaac brought together an outstanding team of six production specialists to deliver a polished, professional video.


The American Provenance video project was executed on a cinematic level incorporating:

  • Three (3) days of on-site filming
  • 6K resolution video capturing
  • Convert 16:9 to a square format for use on both the AP website & social media channels
  • Color correction and audio file mastering
  • Custom-composed music track by Corey Hart

The executive staff at American Provenance made for excellent talent as multiple aspects of their business and process were filmed.

“Everyone at AP has an authentic personality, which makes the brand feel very genuine. Getting to know them individually allowed us to capture the true story of the company. I’m really happy with what we were able to create together.” Isaac Smith, Ethos Films


From start to finish, the project was completed and delivered within AP’s anticipated window. By taking swift action, Signalfire was able to get the video shoot scheduled and executed just three weeks after the agreement was signed. (Thanks to the weather!)

From there, the video production team got to work editing and bringing the story to life. The project went through several rounds of revisions based on internal feedback from Signalfire and from American Provenance.

AP’s staff was thrilled with the resulting brand story. Upon final approval, Signalfire coordinated with American Provenance’s LA-based social media agency to distribute the video content to the perfect audiences.

Almost immediately, the videos rolled out for use in the rapidly growing brand’s digital marketing presence.

“Signalfire was able to connect with American Provenance’s brand very quickly. Their brand culture aligned with ours and that made it easy to develop a creative vision out of the gate. With the addition of Isaac’s expertise, we were able to capture the essence of what makes AP so remarkable!” Matthew Olson, Signalfire President

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