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Recruiting Marketing: Approach Recruiting Like You Approach Customers

Successful Recruitment Marketing Efforts Start with Successful Branding

Businesses today face a unique situation. Human resources must join forces with marketing.

Why? The number of quality candidates available is dropping in many industries. Companies now need to “sell” the available positions as more than job openings…but as invitations to join their brand culture.

If we want our brands to befriend or be identified with by potential employees— like neighbors in a community – we need to approach recruiting members of a brand family as a personal process.

Sales concepts have come to recruiting, kind of. In fact, recruitment marketing has been present for a long time but has just recently become critical in new areas.

Professional sectors such as accounting and law firms, and health care professionals, have traditionally lobbied for talent. With the growing skills gap in industrial and construction trades, recruitment marketing is just getting started. The current generation of job candidates are looking for more.

Job prospects are looking at your brand culture and your corporate responsibility as much as you look at a prospective employee’s work experience and education.

The candidate is interviewing the company as much as the company is interviewing the candidate. Businesses must solicit and compete for choice candidates to be competitive.

It’s simply a process of educating the candidates about your company and inspiring them to accept your offer.

Understand Your Brand & Share Your Company Culture

Where to Begin with Recruitment Marketing?

Marketing for the best candidates begins in the same way as marketing for new business. Preparation and honest evaluation before posting an open position makes a big difference in the quality of candidates you’ll receive.

Of course, the scope of your efforts will depend on your hiring volume.

Understand and share your brand

How well can you share your brand story with prospective candidates? Your brand is more than the customer-facing story, your company culture is part of it, as well.

Don’t get hung up on org charts and company functions. All of it should come together in an Employee Value Proposition, or EVP.

This “mission statement” defines what makes your workplace unique, what motivates the team, and what keeps your top players from leaving.

Profile your ideal candidate just like you profile your ideal customer

When trying to develop a vision of who to target your marketing towards, the term “buyer persona” is used. The concept is simple: what are the likes/dislikes, attributes, personalities, habits, and characteristics that make up the ideal customer?

For recruiting to engage the ideal candidate, the same process should be used. Does your ideal candidate watch CNN or The Daily Show? Do they get coffee from Starbucks or McDonalds? Are they LinkedIn, Facebook, or SnapChat?

Please note: these characteristics should be habitual or behavioral and not be seen as exclusionary from anyone’s gender, race, or orientation.

Determine “where” you will reach your candidates

Understanding the habits and behaviors of your ideal candidate can lead you to find the best places to engage them. Depending on your candidate persona, it may be through Indeed or other online hiring communities. Don’t overlook social channels for your hiring, either.

Recruiting Good Candidates that May Not Be Looking

Some of the best candidates may not be looking or may be already employed. Catch them where they spend time online.

  • Do you reach out via targeted LinkedIn posts about your incredible culture and growing need for talent?
  • Do you share photos of the office on Facebook and boost it towards your geographic area?
  • Do you create a video at a university job fair to create an Instagram story?

Pre-determine your review process (metrics, evaluations, experimentation) and pre-define how success will be measured

Before getting started, decide how you will determine if your efforts are successful. Maybe it will be measured by more than the number of candidates you receive.

Did your company receive more followers on social channels? Did your Indeed post have more views? Make sure your metrics have measurement tools beyond a resume count.

Post-hiring interview about the recruitment marketing materials

Congratulations! You’ve landed that perfect candidate. Schedule a follow up meeting to see what worked and what could be improved. The interviewing process is as much about them interviewing your company as you interviewing them!

Was it your company culture that won them over? Did they see a great LinkedIn video? Was it something at a job fair that caught their attention? Take the time to assess what about your company and your recruitment efforts stood out and made them say, “I want to work here!”

Empowering candidate referrals

The funny part about “ideal” candidates (and ideal customers) is that they know even more people who would make ideal coworkers. Just as you share incentives with customers who refer others – incentivize your ideal candidates to come onboard.

While this is nothing new in many hiring environments, make sure it carries all the way from entry-level to executive levels.

Enacting a Post-Hire Interview

How Can Marketing Help Find Ideal Candidates?

Many of the same concepts that engage customers apply to engaging candidates. This is where the marketing guides and outfitters at Signalfire can be the catalyst to a great process.

We’ll help you develop the ideal candidate profile and engage candidates in a fresh, memorable ways through the use of hiring websites, social channels, and more!

From impactful single design projects to successful recruiting campaigns — Signalfire can be a valuable partner in developing a successful recruitment marketing strategy for your company.

Give our guides and outfitters a shout to setup a meeting. Your ideal candidates are waiting to hear from you.