When Should You Hire An Agency Like Signalfire?

Here are 5 Warning Signs You Need to Take Action

Imagine getting fantastic marketing results without the frustration of doing everything yourself. Working with an agency like Signalfire will take you from simply executing marketing to seeing real conversions and increased sales.

How many of the following apply to your situation?

1. Nothing Gets Done

Marketing is a comprehensive effort. You’ve got to add it to your other responsibilities. How often does marketing unintentionally sit on the back burner? Do some of these sound familiar?

  • You’ve set up Google Ads, but you haven’t touched it in a couple months
  • Getting a monthly email newsletter out was no problem in 2020, but now that everyone is back in the office…
  • Keeping up with social media means frantically posting what you thought of last minute
  • You need to assemble a budget for next year, but don’t have any data from this year


  • HR just asked if something can get out promoting open positions

Signalfire Benefit

You’ll have people—an entire team of experts hustling behind the scenes. A dedicated teammate will help you keep marketing projects on track, keep artwork looking sharp, keep your brand’s messaging consistent (even on social media), and supply the data you need to report to the higher-ups.

2. Leads and Sales are Stagnant

Your website contact form hasn’t had a decent lead in a couple weeks. Phones aren’t ringing. Your outside sales rep said his last couple calls were to companies that had never heard of you.

You’ve got to get this jump-started.

Getting your brand in front of the right people with the right content at the right time is crucial. This isn’t easy when you’re busy juggling 10 other responsibilities.

Signalfire Benefit

Signalfire provides consistent, ongoing, and targeting marketing following a documented strategy that focuses in on your ideal clients. When working with your sales team Signalfire can help deliver qualified leads and increased awareness.

3. You’re Asking: Is Our Marketing Working?

How do you know? The answer is data. Your website and marketing efforts are producing piles of data you may not be aware of. Assembling the data into a usable report will give you actionable information on marketing performance. Good data will also give you insight on adjusting your efforts to perform better over time.

Signalfire Benefit

Imagine a near-real time, web-based, sharable interface of your marketing performance. Signalfire excels at harvesting the data from your marketing channels and assembling them into an easy-to-understand format. Your near-real time data is pulled from Google Analytics, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, email marketing, or other sources into a visualized dashboard that can be PDF’ed, downloaded, or even shared with higher-ups.

4. You Need A Lot More Skills

No one can be an expert on everything. Do you need to dive deeper into keyword research? How can you better target your LinkedIn ads? How can you get images looking better on the website? It can be overwhelming.

Your time is precious. Trial and error with LinkedIn ads platform or spending half a day trying to Photoshop the oil spots off the shop floor so the homepage picture looks perfect may not yield the greatest return. Learning and becoming fluent in everything just isn’t possible.

Signalfire Benefit

Imagine having an entire team of specialists waiting for your phone call. Our team of experts doesn’t stop with your project manager. Graphic designers, social media specialists, content creators, digital marketing specialists, and web developers are all here to make your marketing efforts easier and more impactful.

5. Hiring an Internal Team is Too Expensive

Be honest, you need help. What are your options?

  • The total cost of hiring a team, investing in the software, and equipping them with the right tools is way beyond what the higher-ups have in mind.
  • What about just one person to do everything? It’s like trying to find a unicorn. They exist, but…
  • Outsourcing to contractors or freelancers will get you the specialized service providers, but you will still need to guide, manage, and oversee each specialist.
  • College interns are readily available, but will be unfamiliar and inexperienced with implementing marketing programs. Plus, the short term internships mean they will likely be gone just as they’re getting up to speed.

Signalfire Benefit

The finance guys love it when you talk cost benefit. Collaborating with Signalfire will save you money and bring you better resources than the direct hire options. Yes, you’ll be able to bask in the success of your marketing initiatives and have the data to prove it.


You’re frantic. You want expert help. You’re on a budget. We get it. Signalfire’s mission will be to research, assemble, and execute an effective marketing strategy to better connect you with your ideal customers. We’ll be a ready resource to allow you to focus on boosting performance with a mind towards the bottom line.

We are on your side. Signalfire is excited to discover and share your brand story.

Let’s get started with a short conversation about your goals.