What is a Business MAP?

Signalfire marketing assessment and plan - MAP

Don’t Let Your Marketing Wander: Performing a Marketing Audit Will Improve Performance

Does your website and social media just not deliver the punch you’d expect? You’ve tried letting an “internal” person run it, but marketing gets put on the back burner because customer work comes first.

We get it. Attempting to plan, write, and manage the website and social media is a huge undertaking. Hiring an in-house resource just isn’t in the cards—too much overhead.

We can help. Signalfire has partnered with dozens of businesses just like yours. Our proven process helps leverage your website using tested digital marketing practices to deliver increased traffic, lead generation, and revenue.

Working with Signalfire means having a team of experts who will embrace your goals and create a custom plan. Your website will begin being the cornerstone of your marketing efforts by delivering increased traffic, more quality leads, and better the bottom line. Your alternative? More cookie cutter efforts that stall your business and miss opportunities.

Let’s get started. We provide a low-cost business evaluation called a Marketing Assessment and Plan—a MAP. Signalfire provides a creative and technical review of your various marketing channels. We provide a written report and recommendations in a 60-minute Q&A workshop.


Just like using a map to plot your course out of the wilderness, Signalfire’s MAP (Marketing Assessment and Plan) is an easy to understand three page report that includes:

  • Assessment of your website
  • ADA compliance check
  • Evaluation of your social media
  • Actionable recommendations and advice how you can make it all work better
  • 60-minute workshop call or video conference.

If you’re ready to reinvent your marketing into a data guided, focused trail to success, sign-up for a MAP phone consultation.

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