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Signalfire Offers Unique Signage for Trade Shows or Point-of-Sale Displays

Signalfire is now offering an illuminated signage product featuring interchangeable art for use in trade show displays, lobby displays, or point-of-sale / point-of-purchase displays. “Combining Signalfire’s creative design team with unique illuminated signage gives our clients the advantage of one-of-a-kind displays that stand out in crowded environments,” says Signalfire President, Matthew Olson.

illuminated banner stand

These lightweight aluminum-framed displays come in an array of sizes and can be ordered to fit a specific shape. “From square table-top displays to entire trade show walls,” says Olson, “this unique system creates a memorable impression.”

Illuminated by low power LED lighting rails built into the frames, the system backlights the art panels on one or both sides of the display. Being lit by LEDs means the system gives off little-to-no heat and draws very little power. These displays can stay on for hours and remain incredibly cool. Special panels are included to allow single-sided or two-sided illumination.

new banner art installs easilyA unique frame rail system allows the banner art to be easily swapped out for new or different designs by a single person. Printed on a light-permeable material, images are crisp and bright with the even flood of light from the frame. Because the substrate is like a fabric, the art can be folded and stored for repeated use.

“The whole system disassembles very easily,” says Bryan Giese, Project Manager at Signalfire, “with a single tool, the whole system snaps together. For breaking down and shipping, the whole display fits in its own wheeled case.” The easily manageable case is intended for repeated shipping or transportation to and from locations.

Signalfire is the perfect provider for this illuminated signage system because of their creative design services and their expertise in displays of all sizes. To see more details, visit Signalfire on the web or receive more literature by calling (262) 725-4500. “We’ll be happy to quote the standard sizes within a business day,” says Giese, “or we can collaborate on developing a custom display based on your needs.”

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