Tips and Ideas for DIY Marketing Videos

Getting Started with Video: Part 2 of 4

You have access to a high definition video studio. Did you know the video capturing and editing tools available on your smart phone rivals that of an entire network television station just a few years ago? Let’s talk about ways you can put it to work!

Signalfire’s Matthew Olson sits down with Stephen Pickering of Drywater Productions, a video production studio that specializes in small business and non-profit video storytelling.

Matthew and Stephen discuss how you can start creating your own marketing videos with the tools you likely already have. We even share some free tools! Stephen shares tips and ideas for planning, shooting, and basic editing that will make your videos stand out.

Interested in getting your own video efforts started? Signalfire can help with brainstorming, production, and marketing your finished video. Set an appointment with Signalfire to put video to work on your website, email, and social media channels.

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