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Professional Photography: It’s Time to Refresh Your Bottom-line

Ask yourself: When was the last time your business or organization updated the photography on your marketing materials? Has it been over a year? 5 years or longer?

Statistics show that marketing content with great visuals continue to be high on many brands’ priority lists. The Content Marketing Institute reports that 51% of B2B marketers prioritized creating visual content assets in 2016, and the percentage of B2C marketers was even higher.

What does this mean? A new trend is emerging. Top marketers are realizing it pays to invest in professional photography.

Ask a Photography Expert

Ideal Impressions Owner, Ryan Bensheimer

We recently had the chance to catch up with Ryan Bensheimer, Owner of Ideal Impressions, a professional photography studio based out of Geneva National that specializes in wedding photography.

In Ideal Impressions’ 10 years of business, it’s been nominated one of Wisconsin’s Best Photographers for nine straight years.

Signalfire has partnered with Ryan on numerous client projects, so we thought we’d pick his brain as to why professional photography is so crucial to a positive brand perception.

Here is what he had to say…

Q & A: Ryan Bensheimer on Professional Imagery

Photo of Ryan Bensheimer

Question: What makes photography an effective tool for refreshing brand perceptions?

Answer: “Photography is an indicator of something great – an indicator of success. Wherever something notable is happening, you’ll find a great photographer. People are simply tired of seeing ads that look like ads. They’re looking for something captivating – something exciting. Great photography creatively captures your audience’s attention and tells your brand story or marketing concept in a memorable way.”

Question: Why should regular photography updates be a priority?

Answer: “I believe we live in a genuine world. People love to see faces they recognize and can identify with. Using stock imagery within your website or social media posts can create a disconnect between you and your customers because the images aren’t relatable. Instead, businesses should aim to inspire their customers by showing them what goes on behind-the-scenes. Remind your customers how your business is making an impact in their world.”

Photo of Toms with Ring

Question: How often should a business/organization invest in fresh photography?

Answer: “It’s going to be a little different for every business, depending on the industry, community involvement, and budget, but I would suggest scheduling some form of photoshoot every month. The reason being that scheduling a regular visit helps establish consistency, which ensures that you’re able to find something to resonate with your audience.”

Question: How can a business/organization justify paying for photography?

Answer: “Businesses or organizations should view professional photography as an investment. I always suggest going with a yearly photography plan because it will often end up costing less than trying to pay per shoot. Plus, like I said before, you’ll have consistent imagery to integrate into your creative marketing strategy. This level of consistency makes it easier to plan your budget, as well.”

Question: What are the advantages of professional photography vs. simply using a smart phone?

Answer: “Brand Photography uses imagery to tell the story of your company. It explains the how and why of your business, visually, which appeals better to your audience. The reason professional photography does this better is because there is strategic planning, execution, and tricks professionals use to make it happen. And the better the imagery, the more credibility you build for your business.

Photo of Couple with The Knot

Quality photography equals a quality company, in the eyes of customers. Most of the time, you only have a few minutes (or seconds) of an audience member’s attention to convince them your brand is worth their time. You just can’t get the same effect with amateur photography.”

Conclusion: Invest with Strategy for Real Results

As with any marketing effort, it should always be tied to strategy.

From planning to execution to results tracking, Signalfire can help your business or organization identify key strategies, develop a marketing plan, and execute your plan to success.

Professional photography is often a key piece of this puzzle. If you’re looking to refresh your bottom-line, let’s talk!

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