Simplify Your Life With These 5 Apps (And 1 Not App)

There are a lot of national social media holidays out there – some are more fun to celebrate than others (National Donut Day AND National Doughnut Day…amirite?!??!) but National Simplify Your Life Week seemed like one we all deserve to celebrate.

We could have gone the route of “Working with Signalfire as a marketing agency can simplify your life” – which it totally can – but we decided offering up our personal tips for simplifying your life would be more useful to everyone. So without further ado…here are #TeamSignalfire’s list of digital apps we use to simplify our lives.

Jodi [Graphic Designer]

Jodi picked the organization and note-taking app Evernote. Evernote allows you to create notes that can be text, drawings, pictures, audio, or content from the internet. Notes can be saved, sorted and archived.

“Evernote helps me to organize my To-Dos, shopping lists, goals, packing lists for trips and project lists for my house. I also put in creative ideas I get when out and about.” – Jodi

Matthew [President]

Matthew’s app of choice that simplifies his life is the Traeger Grill app. The Traeger App “puts a world of flavor at your fingertips.” You can control your grill anytime from anywhere, access recipes, watch professional tutorials, and get other content to help you better use your Traeger Grill.

“While the app has the ability to remotely monitor cook temperature and internal meat temperature, the feature I enjoy the most is the library of recipes. An easy-to-use interface allows me to select the type of meat to prepare and then presents a selection of ideas. Each recipe is rated on difficulty, wood selection, preparation time, cook time, and cooking method.

Broken into easy steps, the app actually lets you expand and collapse individual steps for more details—even some pit master secrets. You’ll be spachcocking a chicken, dropping brisket, glazing salmon, or serving fall-off-the-bone ribs like a pro.” – Matthew

Bryan [Account Manager]

Bryan’s app is all about simplifying your life while networking. He uses Cam Card, an app that scans business cards when you take a picture of it, and it saves all of the information into the app.

Cam Card keeps business cards that you receive from people organized without having to physically store them somewhere. “Through the app, you take a photo of the business card, and the contact information is pulled and sorted making it fast and simple to call, text or email a contact from your phone. I no longer need to keep stacks of business cards I receive; I simply take a picture and the app will sort the contacts alphabetically by individual or by business.” – Brian

Chelsea [Project Coordinator]

Chelsea responded to the email about apps that simplify our lives with, “Does it have to be an app? I’m more of a notebook kinda gal!”

At work, Chelsea has a project notebook and a paper planner that she uses to keep track of projects and tasks. And she uses a different calendar for her personal tasks and appointments. Getting it down on paper helps simplify her life because everything is right there in front of her.

Kory [Graphic Designer]

Kory chose the app is an organization app where all your work is in one place. It uses wiki software that infinitely flexible and tracks all your projects.

“An easy description is that it’s a project management tool. What makes it so great compared to Trello, Astra, Jira and so on is that there is way more customization to get the full usage out of what a user needs it for. Kind of like a Lego set.” – Kory

Hannah [Digital Content Manager]

Hannah wanted to pick Evernote because she’s been using that since college. Then she was going to pick a social media focused app, but then she remembered the app she literally uses every day to keep herself on task…the Reminders App. Yep…the app that comes on both iPhones and Androids and is simply a reminders app.

She has a reminder List for every day of the week. A general To Do list. And several lists pertaining to her current house renovation and wedding planning tasks. The Reminder App lets you set reminders that are just in lists for when you go looking for them. Or you can set reminders that go off at certain locations or at certain times. The Reminder App is the only reason Hannah remembers most appointments, days she needs to be in to work early for client meetings, posting content for clients outside of normal business hours, and even small things like remembering to grab a new deodorant for her gym bag after she ran out yesterday. This makes sure Hannah isn’t stressing about forgetting all the details.