Signalfire's Favorite Big Game Ads

Signalfire’s Favorite Ads from The Big Game

This year’s Big Game was, of course, one for the record books.

Although extremely popular among football fans, America’s most watched game has also historically been the setting for some of the most iconic and effective TV commercials of all time.

Bearing all of this in mind, our office was looking forward to marketers pushing all of our emotional buttons to make us laugh, cry, and also…buy!

But when the Big Game arrived this year, we felt the advertisements fell fairly flat.

Compared to the glorious past filled with “Mean” Joe Green, Terry Tate: Office Linebacker, and “Where’s the Beef?” – this year’s crop simply didn’t stack up.

Despite the lack of transcendent ads, we still came up with a few that strongly resonated with us, as audience members. Here’s #TeamSignalfire’s Top 3:

1) “Go Further” – Ford

Our first favorite was Ford’s “Go Further” commercial. The way the scenes bounced around showing the progress of each person (or animal’s) “stuckness” was frustratingly funny. It was relatable to us, as we all had the “We’ve been there” feeling.

#TeamSignalfire agreed that the big winners in this year’s ads seemed to be the car manufacturers. Ford was able to connect well to their audience, while successfully launching their vision for the future of their brand.

Well done, Ford. “Go Further” also earned itself the top choice of Project Manager, Lisa Oren.

2) “Born the Hard Way” – Budweiser

Our team felt this ad really stood out.

With several of us in the office being lovers of history, anytime a well-written story showcasing a struggle to succeed comes across the screen, there’s a good chance we’ll like it.

The largest pull factors of “Born the Hard Way” were the quality, the depth of story, and just the overall grittiness of the ad.

Of course, there is some debate over how factual it really is, but the same could be said of any Hollywood-made historical piece.

Overall, nice job, Budweiser. You earned the top choice of Project Manager, Bryan Giese.

3) “Not So Pee Wee Football,” – Buick

An over-arching theme this year was quasi-political nature of many of the ads. With “No So Pee Wee Football,” the light-heartedness called us back to simpler times.

A few of us having experience with coaching, we could humorously relate to the situational comedy in the ad.

Buick still has a long way to go to appeal to Gen X’ers who still see the brand as Grandma and Grandpa’s vehicle of choice. However, the new designs and placement into the ever-familiar youth sports arena helped appeal their case.

Of course, the deal was sealed with Miranda Kerr. “Not So Pee Wee Football” earned the top choice of Owner and President, Matthew Olson.

Honorable Mention) “#AvoSecrets” – Avocados from Mexico

While the ad was clever and funny (a bit of a stretch with the secret society thing), it was the jingle that resonated the most.

Matthew’s 11 and 9-year-old boys spent the rest of the night repeating the jingle over and over. And over. And over.

Sometimes the catchiest jingle wins the day. It’s because of this that #TeamSignalfire decided to dub “#AvoSecrets” as our choice for honorable mention.


Although this year’s ads weren’t as potent as in years past, we’ll be interested to see how this impacts brands’ ad placement in 2018.

Will marketers continue to pay top dollar for the largest viewing audience of the year, or will more customized viewing habits begin to take their toll on a time honored tradition?

Only time will tell.


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