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Signalfire Spotlight: Q & A with Project Manager, Bryan Giese

Signalfire Spotlight

For those less familiar with Signalfire, we are an award-winning creative digital agency offering a wide range of marketing and advertising services – from website design & development to branding & logo design, and much, much more!

Based out of Delavan, Wisconsin we work with a variety of clients. Tourism and destination marketing has become our bread & butter; however, our talented team is certainly not limited to this industry. We also work with many non-profit organizations, professional services, light industrial companies, and manufacturing clients.

To give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we take on new accounts, manage existing ones, and provide strategic marketing/advertising solutions to meet our clients’ needs, we’ve caught up with Signalfire Project Manager, Bryan Giese, to provide some insight.

1. How long have you been with Signalfire & what types of clients do you work with?

Bryan Giese (BG): I’ve been employed at Signalfire for 2 years now, and I generally work with manufacturing and light industrial clients.

I sometimes venture into the world of retail & tourism, but my main focus has been taking transferrable B2C marketing concepts and applying them to our B2B clients to generate as much attention as possible.

Signalfire's Creative Marketing and Advertising Services

2. Which of Signalfire’s creative marketing services tend to work best in your clients’ industries & why?

BG: Graphic design and consistent brand visuals are key for my clients’ marketing efforts. Many attend trade shows and seminars where it’s vital to have engaging sales collateral to stand out. A high-quality sales sheet, brochure, business card, or novelty item can often be the difference between being taken seriously or being viewed as a lesser option.

Increasing the effectiveness of a client’s website through monitored search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and regular, timely, educational content updates also plays an important role in my clients’ annual programs.

These efforts help them become more visible on search engines by allowing their customers to quickly and easily find them on the web.

3. For new clients, what is the best starting point to work with Signalfire?

BG: Many new clients start with branding and website development. Creating a highly impactful logo, ultra-functional website, and accompanying brand materials lets customers know that they’re major players in their industries.

I’ve found that many of our B2B clients resist giving up their “secret sauce,” but many quickly realize that if they provide valuable answers to how they can help potential customers or clients, they experience a much higher customer engagement – often leading to greater profitability.

4. How do help clients with setting goals and expectations for their marketing efforts?

BG: Creating a plan is vital to any marketing effort. Marketing is not a “throw spaghetti at the wall” concept.

Generally, I work alongside clients to set marketing goals related to lead generation, sales, and website traffic.

Each client is unique and so are their marketing needs, so meeting regularly to discuss and adjust our tactics is vital to successful campaigns.

5. How often do you meet with clients & what is your preferred method of communication?

BG: I try to be as flexible as possible, when it comes to meetings – meaning we can do weekly, monthly, quarterly, or on an as-needed basis. There’s no one-size-fits-all, so I will meet as often as clients or their projects require.

Some of my clients are global, so we meet using video chat technology, while others are just down the road, so we meet in-person.

But honestly, whichever communication method is most convenient for our clients will be how we correspond.

6. How does Signalfire measure the success of clients’ marketing campaigns?

BG: We measure things differently based on the client’s needs and build a custom marketing plan around those needs. Some organizations come to us looking for one large new customer per year, while others would simply like to increase web traffic or begin utilizing social media platforms.

Each of these goals have a different set of metrics or key performance indicators (KPI) that determine the success of a campaign.

Signalfire Project Manager, Bryan Giese.

7. How long would you say it takes to see measurable results for client campaigns?

BG: This really depends on the industry and the involvement of the campaign they have agreed upon.

For example, one of my clients has an incredibly long sales cycle. They reached out to us for help building a campaign to raise awareness for potential clients, while fostering long-term relationships with current clients.

For them, success is based on consistent engagements through email and website traffic.

8. How do you ensure that clients are included in the marketing process?

BG: I do my best to ensure the clients I work with always have a chance to provide input and feedback on all of their marketing channels. Working together to create exceptional content, getting their tribal knowledge, and applying it to the overall look and messaging of a campaign is vital.

This empowers me to work for our clients and build strong relationships, which I think is important.

9. How do you stay up-to-date with new marketing techniques and trends?

BG: Taking the time to research and read up on the latest trends is very important – not only for my own knowledge, but also to provide our clients at Signalfire with the best possible solutions to their challenges. Online research, seminars, and speaking engagements are a few of the ways we keep up.

The other project managers in the office also share new techniques or trends they come across. We really have a great group of client-focused people at Signalfire.

We all understand that our clients’ success is the most important part of our jobs. Without great clients and client relationships, we simply can’t succeed.

10. What has been your most memorable client campaign & why?

BG: My most memorable would have to be a campaign we put together for Balestrieri Environmental & Development. We were tasked with introducing a new drone inspection service for construction sites. Their plan to roll out the new service was set to kick off at an upcoming trade show, where they were an exhibitor and presenting sponsor.

We came up with a creative video campaign to help explain the benefits of drone inspections in a highly engaging way, which Balestrieri approved. The Signalfire team partnered with Waukesha County Airport to write & direct a 3-minute movie called “Top Drone” – a parody of the 1980s classic film, Top Gun.

With full cooperation from Balestrieri, several of their employees were selected as key members of the cast.

The Signalfire creative team then completed our “mission” by creating supportive movie posters and email campaign graphics to build buzz for the presentation.

The movie was premiered at their trade show, receiving great reviews.

I truly enjoyed this project because it was challenging, educational, successful, and most of all – fun for everyone involved.

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