Signalfire Helps Rock County Humane Society Rebrand As Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin


Rock County Humane Society Selects Signalfire For New Name And Look

Signalfire is proud to announce the brand launch of the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin and their interactive website, Formerly known as the Rock County Humane Society, the century-old organization has been providing rescue and care for homeless pets as well as adoption services for those looking for animal companions. Signalfire provided the Janesville-based organization a new logo, marketing materials, and interactive website complete with donation module, blogs, and real-time animal adoption listings.

Speaking about the decision to rename the organization, Executive Director Brett Frazier says, “We’re a non-profit animal shelter. Like all non-profits, a majority of our funding comes from generous donations from our community. Our name has always made it seem like we’re a part of the County government, receiving government funding. It also made it seem like if you weren’t from Rock County, you couldn’t be a part of the Humane Society. The new name still reflects our commitment to all of Rock County, but it also invites anyone who wants to be a part of the Humane Society to do so no matter where they call home.”

“The logo tells a story,” says Matthew Olson, President and Creative Director of Signalfire, “and each icon is a step in that story.” Signalfire’s icon-based logo design includes representing the animals, the homes the animals need, as well as the love required for the well-being of all creatures.


Beyond the organization name, logo design, and “Get Rescued” tagline Signalfire also developed an interactive website that helps the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin help people and pets with technology. The website features:

  • A real-time connection to the Humane Society’s cloud-based adoption database
  • An online giving platform that allows for one-time donations or monthly-recurring donations via credit card, ACH (eChecks), or even PayPal
  • A lost pet portal that provides listings of strays animals in custody, lost pet forms, and helpful tips on what to do if you’ve lost your pet
  • A web-based content management system that allows for the addition of news stories, events, and anytime advice via an Ask An Expert blog
  • Easy connections to social media as well as the ability to signup for email newsletters is an fantastic resource for all pet owners,” says Olson, “not just for those looking for a companion but at all stages of pet ownership.”

“The Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin has in-house and is connected to an extensive network of experts, veterinarians, and behaviorists,” say Allison Hokinson, Community Relations Director at Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin. “The new website is an incredible gateway to sharing a wealth of knowledge.”

Signalfire’s creative team is not new to working with animal-focused organizations. In 2011, Signalfire launched a rebranding of Lakeland Animal Shelter in Elkhorn, Wisconsin and works with veterinarians, groomers, and organic pet suppliers across Southern Wisconsin.

“Organizations like the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin never cease to inspire me,” says Olson. “The dedication, compassion, and sacrifice made by the staff, the volunteers, and the donors is nothing short of awe inspiring.”

If you’re interested in having Signalfire review your organization for rebranding or website development, please contact us to schedule an appointment. To read a case study of another non-profit project, click here to learn about the Cancer Assault Challenge.


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