Stop What You’re Doing And Setup Your Facebook Call To Action Button


Facebook has rolled out a new feature for your business or organization page, and it could make an impact to your use of the social media platform. If you haven’t visited your Facebook page recently, you might notice a new button in the top cover image area. This small button prompts the user to click more than just the “Like” button.

The “Create Call to Action” button is a small addition that will give the user the ability to be linked to an outside website. The “Call to Action” button may sound like common sense from a marketing perspective, but this button represents an important shift in your relationship with Facebook. Instead of just being able to drive traffic through post links, you now have the ability to drive traffic directly from your Business page.

Setting Up Your Facebook Call To Action Button


Actually setting up the button is extraordinarily simple and only takes a few moments.

  1. You need to be a designated administrator of the page. Here are the details on how to add a Page Admin.
  2. Go to the business or organization page.
  3. Click on the “Create Call to Action” button.
  4. Select your desired verbiage—Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, or Watch Video.
  5. Direct the user to a link and include a mobile optimized link (if it applies).
  6. Select the link or app destination for iOS and Android.
  7. Launch


Stop! Some Tips On Linking Successful Landing Pages

In the three minutes it will take to set this up on your Facebook page, you will be tempted to simply park the user on your website’s contact page, homepage, or a YouTube link for a general video.

Don’t do it. It will throw away a fantastic lead or interested site visitor. Give it some thought.

A Facebook user that has chosen to click the Call to Action Button is a very rare situation. They are choosing to leave the warm embrace of Facebook to come to your link. What do they seek? Is it product information? Tips or insight? A coupon? Contact information?

Turn that inbound link into a proper landing page with actionable content. Here are some suggestions:

  • Don’t make it selly, sell, sell. Make your content brief, useful, and personal. The site visitor is coming from a very social platform and is expecting a social interaction. Don’t drown them with loads of sales pitch text.
  • Reward them. A site visitor that has found you engaging enough on Facebook to check out your website is a very strong lead. Reward them for their efforts. From discounts to special content, show them you appreciate their interest.
  • Don’t let them go. Give the site visitor a reason to dive deeper, learn more, or even shop.
  • Ask them to stay in touch. An email newsletter signup or links to other social media platforms will keep the relationship going.

Facebook’s Call to Action Button is a fantastic tool for driving more traffic from Facebook to your website. Planning the right landing page experience will be the key to it all. Take the time to plan your content and track your landing pages, and you’ll see a greater return from Facebook. To help plan your landing page, write the content, or even build the right website for your business, give Signalfire a shout from our website or by calling (262) 725-4500.

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