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ideas to promote with travel grants

4 Ideas on Promoting with TRAVEL Grant Funding

Need to Make an Impact with the Wisconsin TRAVEL Grant Funds by the end of 2020?


Congratulations! Thanks to the TRAVEL Grant, you have some spendin’ cash to show how great your community is. You received critical funding to keep your community organizations going. Signalfire is here to help you get the most out of your TRAVEL grant for your community.

As much as we want 2020 to be in the rearview mirror, we still want you to drive tourism for this Holiday season. Signalfire’s travel marketing team put together some ideas we can plan and execute before the December 30 deadline.

Social Media Advertising Campaign

Use your Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest communities to build awareness of your best shops, comfy hotels, and yummiest restaurants. Gain even more traction by expanding your community with targeted social ads to day-trippers and weekenders.

If you haven’t leveraged the advertising options on social, you’ll be in for a performance surprise. Hint: the best bang for your buck is on Pinterest right now. Just ask Hannah!

Targeted Digital Marketing Program

Imagine if you could entice travelers who are looking for a new escape? Need to build awareness in specific ZIP codes? Between demographics and geography, you can target entire communities with advertising that shows up in web browsing or on mobile apps like Weather Channel or Words with Friends. Creative animated ad graphics can convince your future guests to come for a visit.

Search Marketing Campaign

Typing into Google, asking Alexa, or even checking Siri—searches from web or voice are happening at an ever-increasing rate. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can give you top of search result positioning. Whether capturing travelers specifically looking for your destination or looking for general getaway ideas, you can quickly see results from keyword-focused campaigns targeting specific geographic areas.

OK Google, where is the nearest Hot Chocolate Walk?

Direct Mail Marketing

Sometimes there is no school like old school. Direct mail can be an effective way to deliver messaging to an entire community. With budget-friendly options like Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), you can canvas your neighbors with holiday schedules, special events, and member coupon programs.

Signalfire can assist in developing these critical marketing campaigns, but more importantly we can help track the effectiveness. With our custom data dashboards, you will be able to track website traffic from your campaigns, performance with social media, and even which programs are delivering the best results.

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