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Non-Profit Marketing: Promote Your Events with Print Collateral

A staple of Walworth County, Lakeland Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization that provides care for over 2,500 homeless animals in Southeastern Wisconsin on an annual basis. Their skilled staff, as well as over 100 dedicated volunteers, actively fight animal cruelty and neglect through education and humane partnerships.

The History:

As a creative marketing partner since 2012, Signalfire has worked extensively with Lakeland Animal Shelter to design and develop their website, enhance their overall brand, plan and execute their ongoing capital campaign, and assist with video production as needed.

The History of Lakeland and Signalfire's Marketing Partnership

Lakeland has experienced significant growth over the past five years with Signalfire’s team of non-profit marketing guides. At Signalfire, we also play the role of outfitter – providing multiple services, including:


By implementing these services into an overall integrated marketing strategy, we’ve helped Lakeland effectively promote their organization and continue to grow their number of donations, adoptions, and event attendance each year.

The Brand Challenges:

As are many non-profits, Lakeland Animal Shelter is dependent upon charitable giving to fund their operations. In fact, 70% of Lakeland’s annual funding for programs and services comes through private donations. Because of this, donations must be a key point of emphasis.

Shelter volunteers, monthly members, and fundraising event staffing are also promotional needs that require constant attention. If lacking in any of these areas, Lakeland’s programs and services are more difficult to provide.

The animal shelter is also currently in Phase II of a three-phase Capital Campaign for the construction of a state-of-the-art facility to replace their former shelter. The old building currently houses many of the dogs within Lakeland’s care, and Phase II would allow all animals they house to come under one roof.

Signalfire’s Non-Profit Marketing Campaign:

Each year, the Signalfire team plans and executes an effective non-profit advertising campaign with an integrated marketing strategy. Key messages and events are identified on an annual basis and organized within a content calendar to provide focus for the campaign.

While website updates, social media management, and email marketing do play an important role in monthly content promotion and communication, it is Signalfire’s graphic design services and print marketing tactics that bring the campaign to life.

“Our graphic design goes into almost everything we do for them,” says Signalfire Project Manager, Lisa Oren. “From website sliders to social media graphics to infographics that demonstrate the need for donations – it’s crucial for an effective campaign.”

Promoting Non-Profit Events with Print

Promoting Non-Profit Events with Print Collateral

Lakeland uses several different forms of print collateral to promote their events, request donations, thank donors and volunteers, and more. Signalfire’s creative team designs the print pieces that support Lakeland’s pre-event, day-of event, and post-event objectives, including:

  • Rack cards
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Print newsletters
  • Thank You cards
  • Invitations
  • Holiday cards

Lakeland Print Promotions


These materials help the shelter raise funds to care for the animals in their facility by utilizing proven non-profit marketing tactics, such as the use of consistent voice and captivating photos/graphics.

“Lakeland’s event promotion is so effective because we design a compelling theme with a motivating message,” says Associate Creative Director, Jodi Heisz. “The printed pieces inspire their audience to act, while conveying a consistency that people recognize.”

The Results:

Lakeland Animal Shelter has experienced yearly growth and increased reach of key stakeholders each year, since beginning their work with Signalfire.

The most notable result of our combined efforts has been the completion of Phase I of their Capital Campaign in 2016, when the main welcome area and cat rooms became open to the public. Phase II is currently in fundraising mode and construction continues as funds come in.

Lake Geneva Restaurant Week Charity Check

Lakeland was also recognized as the Lake Geneva Restaurant Week Charity Check recipient of a $5,000 donation from Lake Geneva Country Meats.

In a coordinated effort by Signalfire, Lakeland was voted the top non-profit organization in Walworth County by Lake Geneva patrons and awarded the check by VISIT Lake Geneva in June 2017.

Looking for Non-Profit Marketing Help? Choose Signalfire.

At Signalfire, we are your marketing guides & outfitters. Our creative team has the big ideas to assist you in developing a marketing plan, fundraising campaigns, and effective print collateral that will help you reach your operational goals.

We’re an award-winning, full-service advertising agency with a team of professionals that are committed to growing and enhancing our clients’ brands.

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