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Local Bank Taps Signalfire for Rebrand and Website Redesign

The National Bank of Waupun (NBW) contacted Signalfire in 2016 to assist in their marketing efforts for the current year and beyond.

The former NBW logo and branding had been in place for many years and was in need of an update. NBW was seeking a fresh, new look, along with a website and coordinated marketing materials to launch their refreshed brand.

The major challenge of this rebranding effort for Signalfire was keeping current customers informed that the local bank was changing its look, but not its ownership group.

Rebranding for Modern Solutions

Initially, Signalfire presented three different logo concepts to the board of directors. After a series of thorough discussions and revisions, NBW and Signalfire agreed to move forward with a fresh, sleek logo.

The updated design incorporated a new color pallet, while maintaining the existing shade of red.

NBW’s new logo demonstrates the bank’s ability to be modern, yet celebrates the three centuries of business they have enjoyed.

Updating Marketing Materials and Brand Awareness

With a new logo design agreed upon, Signalfire worked with NBW to create new stationary and branding materials. Updated business cards, envelope designs, letterhead, and brochures were then laid out to integrate the new logo concept.

NBW utilized print ads with a consistent feel to help promote the new look and placed billboard displays in high traffic areas surrounding the banks location. These billboards were used to further emphasize NBW’s great, new logo and maintained the stability of a great local bank.

Radio ads were also written and recorded, helping to further inform current and potential customers of the updated brand.

Redesigning a Website for Online Banking

In tandem with rolling out a new logo, Signalfire redesigned the NBW website. The updated site was created with the best user experience practices in mind.

Large slider images were used to promote the many services offered, and easy to find log-in areas were placed on the homepage for customers to utilize their online banking options.

Also included was user-friendly navigation to more naturally help users determine their personal or business banking solutions.

Ongoing Marketing Solutions

As the partnership between NBW and Signalfire has grown, preliminary work on the creation of an ad campaign for the coming year has been initiated.

After researching regional and national trademarks as well as other usage restrictions, Signalfire vetted the “your solutions bank” campaign tagline for NBW.

The goal of this tagline is to create a brand image that will differentiate NBW from other banks, and – so far – it has been met with a very positive response.


Since the website and new branding was launched in 2016, NBW Bank has experienced some terrific results, including:

  • 25% increase in website traffic (year over year)
  • Nearly 70% growth of organic search traffic
  • 600% increase in social referrals to the site (results of a basic social media advertising strategy, implemented Summer 2017)


If you’d like to know how Signalfire can help your business refresh its brand or develop a new website, we’d love to chat. Give us a call at 262-725-4500 or send us an email.

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