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marketing wont be the way it was

Leaving Quarantine Won’t Be Returning to “The Way It Was” for Business

Don’t Market Like None of This Ever Happened

Imagine what business will be like in six months. Bad news. It won’t be like it was in 2019.

With Wisconsin as well as other Midwestern states beginning to open up their businesses, communicating with your customers and prospects is even more critical than before. Every business is eager to return to normal operations, but normal has been changed forever.

We’ve gotten a few ideas together to help. We’ve linked to additional articles to dive deeper into the details. If you would like some additional ideas or need help with getting these off the ground, give us a shout!

business will not be the same

Not everyone is comfortable with opening

Sharing how you are taking precautions is important. Consumers (both B2B and B2C) are genuinely nervous. Show what you’re doing on social media and in emails. Pictures are good. Video is better. Your buyer’s journey will likely be different and have very different influences.

Not everyone is headed back to the office

Some offices are still having their teams work from home and some may be seeing permanent changes. Your sales cycle may be significantly lengthened or may be completely different. Make sure you’re loading the top of the funnel twice as hard.

It won’t be the same. Ever.

Businesses have been running with remote workforces for two months (or more). How things get done may be changing whether they’re back in the office or not. Make sure you listen and change with them. Don’t fall in the trap of “we used to do it like this…” Showing you can be open to change will be in your favor.

share your expertise on a blog

Openly share your expertise

Education and re-education should be your top marketing mission. With customers or prospects seeing so many personnel changes, tomorrow’s point of contact may not be who you worked with in February. Make sure you’re connecting with prospects and keep demonstrating your value with shared knowledge and expertise.

Market differently

Try something new. If you’ve never used LinkedIn to connect with prospects or past customers, the business social platform has never been more useful. Your ability to target specific industries, companies, and even job titles mean you can deliver your targeted content to just the right people—even if they’re working from home.

What’s Next?

Will it ever be “back to normal”? No. Our world has had a watershed moment that will impact business and society in ways we don’t yet understand. Don’t get caught trying to jump back into the pre-COVID ways of reaching your customers and prospects. This is an excellent opportunity to gain a greater share of your markets by being open to change.

Waiting idle for things to return to “the way it was” will set you back. It’s time to connect with Signalfire and devise a new strategy for a new business climate. We can help explore using your website, social media, email, and great content to engage prospects sooner and generate higher quality leads.

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